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I know I should have asked my nurse or doc ,but i just thought of it this morning , i take of a morning and of a night ,seretide ,atrovent ,aclidinium bromide and uniphyllin,i take them with an interval of 1minute between puffs, but I take them in any order, never the same order . now ,question ,should I be taking them in a particular order or does it not matter?

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Each of your inhalers is a stand alone medication which requires no further assistance from any other product. Unless stated in the instructions for use.

The order you choose to take them is a personal choice, rather than a medical benefit.

The only recommendation given by my PR class was, if you have mucus problem, take ventolin first then do your chest clearance , then continue with your other inhalers.

For me I take spireva first , then shower dress breakfast, then seretide, I rarely use ventolin .

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I always take mine in the same order, main rule being bronchodilator about 10-15 mins before steroid inhaler, but you are right the best person to ask concerning the order you should take your lung medicines is the respiratory nurse or doctor.


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