Re- 'on the spot fines for spitting'

Re-  'on the spot fines for spitting'

Hi all, Its been very interesting reading all your views on spitting. It seems my thoughts on this were not in line with the majority and I can now see why.

In my 2nd life as I call it after coming round following 4 weeks of sedation on ICU, I was faced with a massive battle ahead to get back on my feet. My life had changed from being very independent to now being completely reliant on all around me. I was in effect paralyzed and not even able to roll on my side or lift my hand off the bed. Another thing that was new was I was coughing up loads of sputum, this was being sucked out by the ICU nurse with a vacuum tube. As my condition improved I was given control of this vacuum tube even though Matron wasn't happy with this situation, she thought I may suck out the lining of my mouth. I felt pretty embarrassed about constantly coughing up this endless supply of mucus but the nurses and physios were always making jokes about it and did there best to make me feel at ease with shifting the gunk off my chest. They new how important it was to help my breathing situation. This went on for months and they even rigged me up with the same vacuum device down on the wards.

By now I had become quite used to coughing up sputum and sucking it out with the vacuum pipe, it was disgusting but very necessary, at visiting time the small 4 bed room could be full of visitors and I would be there coughing and sucking, the sounds were pretty awful and I used to get lots of disapproving looks from those who didn't understand my situation. In the end I gave up trying to hide it and looked after myself by keeping my chest clear.

Anyway I guess what I am trying to say is I have become desensitized to what others think of coughing up this awful sputum but as usual, you my lovely people have given me a reality check and I can see the error of my ways.

I think maybe I will start carrying something with me to catch and take home this gunk and dispose of it in a safe manor.

Thanks to you the streets will be a cleaner place around Malvern and you won't have to wear your wellies no more.

Tony :) :) :) The people of Malvern thank you all!!!!

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I'm normally quite good at thinking of others but maybe I was a little selfish. I always wait until the coast is clear before spitting out the gunk and never in a busy area or where people walk. I guess taking it home is the best and quite simple answer to this sticky problem.

Tony x

Good for you Tony. My dad always said learn something new or the day is wasted. :)

Funny how I had never thought about it until it came on the TV this morning. I took it as an attack on us sputum rich copd people who could do little about clearing their poor old lungs.

Anyway it'll be bag it and bin it from me now :)


Well done Tony, if everyone was like you I am sure there would be less chance of infections spreading. Thank you for your kind considerations.

Best wishes BC

Its a no brainer, take no chances as its very easy to do.

Thanks, Fall, wise comments. Right now, I am wheezing at rest. I will bring this nuisance up tomorrow at my new PR class tomorrow.

Hi Annie, the temperature is dropping outside and this often brings with it more wheezing and coughing. I'm coughing a lot more at the moment so ask them at PR about this too.

Its going to be 19 deg tomorrow so we'll be alright for a while yet. Look after yourself annie and enjoy your PR class.

Tony xx

Happy exersising Annie hope all goes well enjoy.let us know how it goes .keep an eye on that wheeze.janexx

Hi Stitch, I am always willing to listen to the views of others and maybe I was a little selfish with this problem. It was early in the morning and that posh boy telling me what to do just annoyed me so I thought I would find out what others thought about it.

It seems that I caused quite a stir, oh well Malvern is a cleaner place for it now but I still think there is probably worse things on the street than my lovely sputum. One of my young physios used to get very exited about sputum and said that you could take it to the lab where they could find out so much from it. :)

Tony xx I'm glad you all havn't banished me to face book or somewhere worse.

Ahh bless your heart we live and learn every day of our lives are still the man even more now.what tissues will you use and I will buy shares in that company lol .janexx

Typical, making money out of someone else's misery. Ha Ha

Last night, I couldn't get to sleep for the wheeze in my throat. I cough to try and get rid of it. Think it an idea to put a few drops of Olbas on a tissue.

careful annie, we could create a tissue shortage at this rate.

ha annie,sorry you had a rough night/another dawn ye,had sweats last night and headache could be flu shot ive had,bernicexx

Tony I think it's fabulous how you took everyones opinions on board and didn't feel at all slighted by their comments, you are indeed a lovely man. M

There are times you have to take a look at yourself and admit you have got it wrong.

Agree with Mocarey. Tony is a good listener. Think of the time, I spat down the kitchen drain - so lady like.

You are so highly thought of here Tony, nobody is going to banish you.

Lynne xx

Thanks Lynne, Hey maybe my ICU friends could give me a portable vacuum device to suck out the sputum but then the sound effects were a little gross for the streets. uug!! :)

Thank you for listening and not taking offence...I think its true what you said about becoming desensitized about some bodily functions and the effect on others.

I am used to my "productive cough" but others aren't , but I hate other peoples' "leavings" (especially in the car park...seems to be a favourite place...have to watch where you walk)

Best wishes

Hi knitter, after my 4 month stay in hospital with catheters, bed pans, vomit bowls, bed baths etc. I just had to get on with it and soon got over that self consciousness. I will always remember when using the bed pans the effort would lower my blood oxygen levels, (sats) so the alarms would always start howling. The nuses would then keep sticking their heads behing the curtain and ask if I was ok. Thank god I've got a sense of humor :) and could laugh at the situation I found myself in. Yes its no wonder I'm desensitized a little to what others around me think, that was a life changing experience.


Hi Tony, This is how it should be someone gives an opinion and other people reply with their views and each respected each others posts not a word out of place, that's why I'm so glad to be one of you. Matt

I totally agree I think there should be on the spot fines for spitting. The problem is the culprits are seldom around. When I am on my way to work early in the morning the phantom spitters have already been and I have to be very careful where I walk especially as the mornings are darker now. Unless it is recorded on CTV camera it would be difficult to apprehend and fine. It is just as much a health risk as dogs fouling and I agree something should be done.

You're the man, Dall. Glad we are sorted now and hope you have a good weekend. :-) :-) Alison

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