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Hi I am on day 12 of my ambulatory oxygen and apart from nearly ripping my nose of when the tubing got stuck on a door handle and nearly strangling myself when hanging out the washing, everything is going fine. Not liking carrying it but have a shopping trolley upstairs so I can wheel it around when making beds and cleaning bathroom. I still get out of breath but nowhere as bad as before, I can actually do my ironing I used to give up after a couple of items.

The case it is in seems rather large does anyone know if they do a smaller case for a freedom 300 and if so where can I get one.

polly xx

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  • ha polly,way to go girl do what you can when you can,always tomorrow,bernice xx

  • Hi bernice, I agree entirely.

    polly xx

  • ha ,breathe well run free,bernice

  • Are they not supplying you with a concentrator? When out and about I have the case that is too large for the 300 too. I think they only make the one size.

  • No dont have to use it all of the time only when on the move.

    polly xx

  • Hi

    Can you not use the 400, for which the bag is designed for , plus a trolley.

    I use a different company the cylinder is similar size to 400.

    I have a bag and trolley,

  • The 400 is too heavy for me, I come under the frail adult, they gave me a trolley but I was not impressed with it too exhausting to keep taking it off to go upstairs and then putting it back on again,so I am going to get another shopping trolley for use downstairs, then I only have to carry the cylinder to the car. Just hoped there would be a smaller bag.

    polly xx

  • Hi Polly, think we almost started oxygen therapy at the same time and like they you, I also had to have the lighter one. I have a trolley cos I not able to take the weight of carrying a bag due to arthritis . Glad to hear that you're feeling the benefits and are coping a little better with activities.

    Wanted to ask if you monitered yourself with an oximiter? I have one now and since the nurse put me on oxygen (at the tail end of an infection when my sats dropped to 86) they don't seem to drop any lower on gentle activity now than 91/92 - 93-96 at rest. Not sure if I should leave the oxygen off now until I speak with her again. Regards, Lovelight x

  • Dont think its wise to leave it off without phoning her perhaps you should speak to someone tomorrow. I am about 95 at rest but have not monitored it while I am active will give it a go tomorrow. I have managed to attach the cylinder to the trolley with some velcro so it will be easy to take of if I need to.

    polly xx

  • have you asked if you can have liquid oxygen I had the same problem with , I now use liquid which you fill up from a mother unit in the garden smaller and a lot better on 3lt I get 3 hours from it .I need it while on move and get though 3 tanks a day BO change mother unit when needed hope that helps x

  • Thanks will have a look at that I am on 4lt they said 5lt originally but decided to see how I go on 4.

    polly xx

  • Hi Polly

    When I changed to 300 cylinders from the 400 ones I asked about a smaller bag. Air Liquide which I was now with said they only had the one size but supplied a block of foam to go at the bottom of the carry case so that the cylinder did not flop about. It did feel more secure if still rather cumbersome. I must admit that I haven't ever used my ambulatory oxygen (6 lpm on demand) around the house - even when moving around - just kept it for outside. Now I have had to extend my overnight oxygen (2lpm) from 8 hours to 15 hours, so of course am using it around the house some of the time. For this I have a portable concentrator and a long piece of piping. The concentrator is upstairs but the pipe will reach everywhere downstairs. Like you, I nearly garrot myself at times when I catch the pipe or stand on it by mistake! I also have to be careful about not using it near the gas hob.


  • Check with nurses but my understanding is oxygen is not for breathlesness it will not be safe judging if it works on how breathing is better keeping some oxygen readings than counting breaths.

    Increasing mobility now on O2 will be a positive BLF recommended

  • I will bring my ironing around in the morning polly xxx


  • Hi pollyj how you finding oxegen i tryed it hospital and i found it like trying to breath threw a brick

    Was it like that for you at first

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