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Brick dust

A lot of great ideas given by the people on this site. My throat is so sore even to touch my Adams apple is painful .

Coughing is sheer agony like having a cracked rib in my throat. I hope the builders finish this week. I spent the day looking after my 3 year old granddaughter in Bournemouth today. Far away from the dust Even there I caused chaos. Lost the keys of house and car. Forgot to take her swimming gear to pool and to top it all got lost on the way back to their house. lost my way. Ended up in Poole. Instead of a ten minute journey it was AN HOUR AND A HALF. I''m knackered

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sounds like you had a bad start to the week, but you soldiered on and coped very well considering you are feeling ill from the dust at home. I had a chaotic day today plus rain again, but all came together in the end. Best wishes for the workmen to be finished with the dusty bits by next week.


Oh that sound hectic! At least you got back! I taught my kids to put swimming gear on at home - I forgot to take it so often! Just the thought of brick dust gives me shudders - my husband took a while to get over our last building work. Hope your throat feels better soon x x x

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I never admit to getting lost - only to taking the scenic route. I am glad you had a day away from the dust. :)


Oh really hannahmac, what are you like?


Your daily tonic


I ignored similar symptoms not so long ago, even down to the getting things wrong and being confused, and I ended up with a blue light trip to hospital. A Streptococcal bug had taken up residence and needed urgent treatment, eight months later it still has not gone, talk to your GP asap. Yours might not be the same but don't take chances.


Went yesterday. My glands are up and infected and I'm on penicillin. I am interested with what you say moneal about getting things wrong. Can you explain. Because I am so confused about the most ordinal things I would take in my stride. Like running round like a headless chicken looking for keys I had five minutes ago


It was a strange feeling, I didn't seem to be able to think straight, I noticed simple things., like playing card games on the p.c. which normally I would complete without a problem I could no longer do. Like you I would loose things or forget things I think my wife thought I was going round the twist, because I was changing my mind so often or asking for the same thing several times .

The doctors said it was not uncommon once a bug had established itself.

A course of antibiotics seemed to clear most of the problems, but has left me with three bugs that don't respond to normal antibiotics, so if you still don't feel right at the end of the treatment , get the surgery to ask for a sputum test to see if anything else is growing that was masked by the one they have treated.

Good Luck


I can identify with all you say but I seem to go a bit further. I take it out on friends and acquaintances. Pick fights over small real or imagined slights. I use e.mails to tell them exactly what I think of them!!! I will leave you to imagine the results. Its no good telling me 'don't go near the computer when I feel ill. because I don't know I'm ill and I know the dangers of 'pen and tongue'

But nothing stops me. Even now I am not sure that the latest round of settling scores is not well deserved !!!

Thanks for the advice for underlying other infections.


Your comments about passing nasty remarks and replies seems to apply to a lot of us, I don't think you are alone on that one. I know I am rude to my wife sometimes, and as soon as I have said it deeply regret it, it's the old saying "putting the mouth into motion before the brain is engaged"

I do try to control it, but frustration, pain and helplessness just seem to wind me up to a point where I don't think straight anymore.

Luckily for me it only happens when I am really ill and the wife is very understanding, but I hate upsetting the one person who I depend on so much.


Hoorah. I am not a freak. Knowing that somebody else is as inconsiderate as myself makes me feel a whole lot better. although that is no consolation to you moneal. usually I am fine with my husband who is the best thing since sliced bread but I can let fly at him too.


I'm glad you mentioned this. My kids are noticing that I'm easily stressed all of the time when I used to be the calmest person on earth.

I'd like to know if it's par for the course. My fuse is so much shorter, cant be bothered half the time and my concentration span has shrunk. Grrrr

Yesterday I lost my 2 years old granddaughter at Legoland for 10 minutes. It was horrific.

Take care and don't beat yourself up (easy to say) xx peeg


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