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Hi everyone! Hope you are all feeling well and enjoying the last of a fab summer. Just a thought - I know that I have read and have commented on how dreadful my husband is at the end of a meal out. He just cant cope with eating, talking, saying good-bye and then trying to walk out of a restaurant/home. It has become much more a problem this year. The last time we went out he was really struggling and the people we were with, who are just lovely, really didn't get it and just hung around as he was half collapsed using the spacer and gasping for breath. I have solved this problem - now I ask the people we are out with to leave us at the table and say good-bye there. Much easier, my husband can stand up say good-bye and then spend as much time as he likes "regulating" (as he calls it!) before we make our way out in our own time. If any of you also struggle in the same way - it might be a solution. (It did feel a bit odd asking for the first time but friends are good people and so far they have all been great). Have a great weekend. TAD xx

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Good solution, I do the same when I visit my daughters , they always insist on calling the grand daughter/ son and partners to see me of from the doorstep. Which makes me walk faster climb into car and drive straight off. Not the way I do things.

Final they have learnt to say good buy in the house and let me make my own way out at my own pace. I always rest at the gate just a few seconds, and sit in the car for a minute before driving off.


Good idea - it is such a relief to find an easier way of doing things! xx

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Another thing that may help is using the rescue inhaler 15-20 mins before needing to be active, ie make a move to say goodbye or even on arrival, exercise etc. It was recommended at my PR many moons ago and also the respiratory nurse at GP surgery. Just helps us achieve a little more.

Enjoy visits with friends and family. :)

Best wishes BC

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Must remember that one BlakeyC good idea x

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So glad you found the perfect solution,good on you,that way he's more comfortable & you donthavethe dramas after a nice dinner out! I'm sure most people are understanding.


Woops went to cyber space!! Just wanted to add that Blakeys suggestion of taking a puff before leaving is a good one,I do this myself,about 10 mins before. Xxx

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Vitamin E supplements might help. It enables muscles, especially the heart, to do more work with less oxygen.

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Thank you - vitamin E it is! x

800 IU per day is a decent therapeutic dose. Natural form E is better than synthetic, and only slightly more expensive. Slows blood clotting so caution if using warfarin or heparin, etc.

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Thank you x

Thanks for that Still trucking. You're always a mine of very useful information. :-) peeg

Thank you ,will give this a try.

Really good solution, good friends will understand & this also enables your husband to go at his own pace.

Slow but sure that's me.


Your daily tonic

have you tried to get ambulory oxygen it helps me a lot it helps i went to my golden wedding anniversary last saturday had it on in the taxi and climbed the 10 steps to the resturant was out of bearth but recovered very quickley and sprent the rest of the night without oxygen.

I have 2 puffs of Ventolin before going out shopping etc. I find it sets me up and enables me to get a bit further before struggling for breath. Alison

thanks all this useful for me too, not that I go out for dinner at all but do see people occasionally and have to go out shopping for Mum and I etc. and am usually out of breath before I even get half way to the shops.

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