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has anyone else been diagnosed with copd after stopping smoking ? its just that I was great after stopping and then went all breathless ect . its been nearly 3 year since I was told it was copd . but I have been monitoring myself and iv come up with the conclustion I have a food allergy . now iv looked up the food s and its the deadly nightshade foods .pots tom foods with seeds in . I kept getting a in flamed throat .blamed my meds ie inhalers .but even drinking a cup of water . wasn't really making any difference . now this deadly nightshade is also found in tobacco and I smoked heavy at times . so now im thinking the tobacco was keeping my body used to the allergy and when I was taking it . the true allergy has came out . even certain teas make my throat inflamed and I go slightly breathless but if I keep off the foods and tea etc I have a great day I even papered my dining room . now isn't that wonderfull . has anyone else looked into this or found that food etc causes things .

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  • Hi, I have found recently that a number of foods affect my breathing and give me a migraine, when I had no trouble with them before....cheese, chocolate, wheat and maize flour...a real pain in every sense of the word.

    Someone mentioned a couple of weeks ago that certain sweets made their breathing worse. I don't know whether its the medication doing it...it is nearly 40 years since I smoked.

  • hiya knitter . I truly believe now that's its food snd even sweets because of the artificial sugar its all the pre package foods no the wonder all the ailments . but its a vicious circle because many cant cook a good nourished meal because of condition it takes it out of people with copd to even bend yo put shoes on x

  • That's interesting - my husband was diagnosed COPD about 3 years after giving up smoking! Since then he has become intolerant to lots of little things. He can't drink orange juice - immediate migraine. Some cereals the same - particularly cornflakes. I have actually wondered if there are other foods and we have recently cut out white bread and moved over to wholemeal (the kids are delighted!). Good luck and well done with the papering!! TAD xx

  • hiya tad x look up a additive called apathane or something similar its put into most foods xthese daedly nightshade foods are even to blame for arthritis etc this site has well internet really get you thinking x you know you said about his wholemeal bread x try to buy bakery made and not the manufactured because ive found its no different to white bread so now when im in supermarket I buy from bakery and get it sliced and freeze some x and thx for my appraisal x

  • wholemeal bread x x

  • I was diagnosed after I stopped smoking. I think the same happened with Puff too.

    My specialist explained that when you smoke, it keeps the airways open so you don't get copd symptoms unless you are already at a severe stage. This goes after stopping and the symptoms become apparent. No allergy involved for me.

    Lynne xx

  • hiya lynn x im hoping its an allergy with me has my husband is severe copd ,he waiting to go up yo freemans for a 4 day assessment . that's why I stopped smoking . ron my hubby packed in 9 months later only because he was in intensive care n that frightened him he now on oxygen and that was 4 years ago nearly . so you can imagine I was shocked to be diagnoised with it . it seems loads are getting diagnosed . I don't believe its all to do with ciggies I think wour work and other stuff go with it now im thinking a food allergy .or maybe im not aknoledging my copd but I do feel better cutting all the deadly nightshade out of my diet x

  • I agree with you ChrissyK - I am sure that is not just smoking that causes this and in years to come they will find that it has a lot to do with additives etc. I watched a programme about pringles only to find that they have not one shred of anything in them - literally all chemical compounds and made to be addictive!! If it happens with such a popular product it must happen in most of the food we buy. Could you just tell me what is deadly nightshade in? I have never heard of this. Thanks TAD xx

  • hiya tad sorry its late getting back to you x if you look deadly nightshade food in commy it will give you a list but tomatoes potatoes and peppers and cucumber even iv found even certain teas and most of all tobacco x so while I was smoking my body was used to it and when I stopped after a year I started with breathlessness etc was told I had copd well seeing my hubby bad I thought oh my god x its only this year iv started takin notice of things I eat dos it brings on sore throat breathless ness ect and iv come to conclution iv got a allery x you look it up tad and let me know what you think xx

  • That's right Lynne. No allergy for me either. In fact, I eat what I've always eaten. I know some people cut out certain foods but I don't seem to have any problems with whatever I eat. :)

  • Hi

    I was DX with copd 10 years after giving up the ciggies I was in total shock as I never ever coughed I just felt a restriction in my lungs when I breath x

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