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Advice please, recent diagnosis

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hi everyone, Im recently diagnosed COPD, Ive had asthma for 30years plus, Im 67. Its been a real shock as I had just thought I had a tight chest. I'm so stressed and anxious, which is making everything worse, what advice on how to cope and stay healthy? Ive been given a triple therapy inhaler, which gave me shakes and vomiting, so am waiting to see GP again. Has anyone else had problems with them?

11 Replies
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Sorry to hear the inhaler is making you feel so bad. Shakiness is quite common for bronchodilators, which is probably a component in your inhaler.

Talk to a doctor about the vomiting, it doesn't seem right .

General health tips: stay away from air pollution, cigarette smoke, etc. try to do some exercise like a regular walk

Good luck!

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Sopp123 in reply to Cookiemonsterr

Thanks for this, I was worried about the vomiting, maybe unrelated to the inhaler., maybe stress!

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Welcome to this forum. There are very many members here with COPD. It is the commonest lung condition — not that our members are common, far from it. But you will get a lot of help, advice and reassurance.

All the best

K x

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Hi and welcome, I hope that you see your GP soon about the side effects you are experiencing. I haven't heard of vomiting being a problem before.

Asthma + Lung have a lot of useful leaflets about living with COPD. It may also help you to join a pulmonary rehabilitation course which is a mixture of exercises and talks about living with COPD. Your GP can refer you although in some areas self referral via the local physiotherapy department is possible.

Eat as healthily as you can, do what exercise you can. As has been said, walking is good exercise although you may need to get your inhaler sorted out first. It is often trial and error to find one that suits. If you have any specific questions just ask. There is usually someone around who will answer you. Best wishes.

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Singing can help strengthen the muscles you use for breathing and develop greater breath control. Go on YouTube to find videos teaching diaphragm breathing, or join one of the singing for lung health groups across the UK. ALUK has a page where you can search for one in your own area, but not all groups are included, so do check with your local GP as well. The singing group I run in South Cheshire vanished from their list when the BLF merged with the Asthma charity and wasn't reinstated.

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Hi Queenelizabeth, I have been trying to find the right inhaler for me for several months now. I had ghastly side effects from the first three I tried and now I’m trying Incruse. The first few times I used it I was nearly sick, I felt so nauseous it was ghastly. I’ve been persevering for 6 weeks taking it on alternate days and I’m now able to tolerate it without the nausea. It does take time to find the right one and I wish you luck.

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Sopp123 in reply to Fircone

Thank you for this, I will suggest it when I get an appointment, would like to get something started as soon as I can

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Hi QE and welcome to the site. It takes a while to find the right inhaler that works for you but none of them should make you sick so please go back to your gp for help with this x

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Could it be that the vomiting is caused by the inhaler opening your airways and allowing mucus to loosen and shift about ? I find that when trying to clear my airways in the morning I frequently have to throw up. Sorry about the yukky subject x

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Hi and welcome to this friendly, funny and informative forum. I think it takes a while to get the best inhalers and other meds, if required. Definitely speak to your consultant about the vomiting but it's not unusual to react to new meds initially. I would definitely recommend pulmonary rehab. I'm convinced my life would be very different if hadn't gone. Good luck.

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Welcome to the forum. I hope members with COPD can convince you that it isn't the end of the world. It is perfectly possible to live an active life with a few adjustments to your routine. If you can't manage much walking at the moment, try looking on the internet for seated exercises. See your doctor about the inhaler problem and mention at the same time that you would like to be referred for pulmonary rehab. Best wishes.

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