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Does anyone know which is the best portable oxygen converter and where to get a reasonable priced one?

I am on long term O2 therapy. I have bottles when I leave the house, but all my friends live at least 2 hours drive away and my daughter lives in Devon. I am desperate to get away this summer and maybe travel around visiting mates, but for this to work, I will need a portable oxygen converter, as the bottles would run out in no time. On top of that I will also have to take my bipap machine, but I really need a holiday so badly. I don't really have a lot of support here and I think a visit to the seaside or anywhere would aid my health. I feel so trapped and frustrated at the moment, not to mention lonely. Can anyone suggest a portable machine. It would have to run all night, and of course be reliable. Much appreciated guys. X

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Your first port fo call is your respiratory nurse to see what equipment you can use.

Not all portable concentrators deliver continuos flow, their are often pulse which may not suit you.

If you can use pulse delivery, a conserver would double the time. Of your present cylinders.

Liquid oxygen is more portable. Again only if suitable.

A reputable company will only sell you a portable unit on production of a valid prescription indicating your needs.


Stone is spot on! first port of call is your respiratory nurse ask them about Liquid Oxygen. my father has had copd for 6 years.He was on only 15 hrs a day,unfortunately in February got a very nasty chest infection which really took him down! Now he is on oxygen 24/7! 8ltr at rest and 15ltr moving! I looked up what i could do for dad so he could get out, even if it was just to the shop.I did some research and just asked the question! They don't give you the info you do need to ask for it! But liquid is great my dad fines it better then the machines and he can get out!!! My mum was desperate to get away and i've just arranged a week away for them. Once you have it at home you just phone the company who does your oxygen and they send out the order to whoever does that area with 2 weeks notice.It will depend on what level you are on to how long they last. My dads does about an hour to hour 1/2 on one portable but he does have 3. Hope this helps! xx


Thanks a lot any information is useful. I have spoken to the nurse at the hospital who is passing me on to the community COPD nurse. I also spoke to the consultant, who was going to write a prescription, but the nurse came in and said the community nurse would deal with it., so I then thought it might be quicker to just buy one, before we run out of holidays. I don't know . I seem to get so confused these days. I just want to go and see a few friends and they all live in different places. I also want to see my dad and he lives I on the south coast. Sorry to ramble on and thanks for your advice.


Thanks for the advice. I will be seeing the COPD nurse next week. I just hope I can get one ASAP. Thanks again X


They also deliver the machines to site as well as portable! only because i asked. xx


Thank you for all your kind words and advice. It's so wonderful to have people who care and who know what you are going through. I just want to see my friends and family. Unfortunately they're all spread out. I also want to see the sea. Thanks again. Take care . x


Hi Kelda, so sorry you’re feeling so frustrated and hope someone will be able to help. I only have knowledge of the portable concentrator I have so I can only talk about that. I believe though that some people have managed to get portable concentrators from the NHS. Perhaps someone will be able to tell you more about these.

I have an Airsep Freestyle portable oxygen concentrator which gives up to 3 lpm of pulse flow oxygen. It is great for daytime use, particularly when travelling as you can plug it in your car cigarette lighter which makes the battery last longer, and with the extra battery pack it can last for up to 8 hours on 1 lpm (so says the blurb - I found it a bit less than that so bought another battery pack). It costs around £3000 new, but there are secondhand ones about. I've had mine for 5 years now, and it's been a sanity saver.

You’ll need a continuous flow concentrator for use with your bipap machine though. I tried running mine with the airsep portable once and within minutes all the alarms started going off – not a good idea! So we bought a reconditioned Krober 6 lpm. It goes up to 6 lpm continuous flow and lives in our motorhome as that’s how we still manage to take holidays. The Krober is not as big as the concentrators the NHS provide for the home, so is fairly portable for when visiting friends. I found both the above by looking on the net.

You don’t say how many litres of oxygen you are on. If you are on very high amounts I’m afraid I won’t have helped, but I’m sure someone will be along with more useful advice. I do hope you are able to organise something soon so you can have your holiday.

Best wishes, Jan


Thank you. You have helped a great deal. I feel like you actually know how I feel, which is amazing. I am so grateful.. I'm on 21/2 at rest and about 4 with exercise. Thank you once again. Gotta go cos battery is running flat and I'm not sure where the charger is. Cheers my friend. X


Hi Kelda

I have to use oxygen at night (plus ambulatory oxygen if I go out). I have cannisters of oxygen on pulse 6 lpm when i go out and 2 lpm continuous at night. Because my family live a couple of hours or more away and I wanted to be able to visit when I am feeling up to it rather than making arrangements a long way ahead I asked for a smaller, more portable concentrator that I could take with me.. I got one through my supplier Air Liquide. I have an iGo. It delivers up to 6 lpm. I am really pleased with it. It can be plugged into a car socket if necessary and has a case and a little trolley if needed. It is much quieter than my bigger concentrator was - we keep it in the study when at home, but when we have been away have been able to sleep quite happily with it in the bedroom.

Hope this helps and you get sorted.



Thanks, that sounds just the ticket. At least I now have some options that I can mention to them. I too am with air liquids, so it shouldn't be a problem. Iam going to speak to my GP this afternoon and see what he can suggest. Thanks again and best wishes to you. x


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