................................Don't you dare laugh

After the thunder and lightning of yesterday, I did manage to get a reasonable nights sleep. Today the 24th of July ,I arose at 6am,did what a man has to do (powder nose etc ),did my nebs and took my medication. I then had my healthy breakfast.

Had time to prepare for todays Healthwatch meeting, set the sat nav and away I go.

On arrival at my destination, I parked the car, walked to the front door of the community centre 'LOCKED'

as I was fifteen minutes early I was not to worried.As time went by, I became more concerned and so I checked my information, right time wrong day! Yes it clearly states the 25th July!!!!!!

I phoned the wife to say I had made another mistake, oops, I can't put the expletives, basically it said I am STUPID



Don't you be stupid Join BLF and BE details03000 030 555Mon - Fri 10am 5pm

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  • Oh dear, well at least you know the journey now :) x

  • Hi young Chell. Are you good?

    Bobby xxxx

  • Hi Bobby I'm feeling alot better than i did Tuesday. Thank you. How are you? Xxxx

  • Don't be so hard on yourself, we all make mistakes.

    Just do the same routine tomorrow, you know the way now........................

    Take care


  • Lol King - ooops sorry I laughed :)

    Bev xx

  • The good news is that it's tomorrow and wasn't yesterday and as chell and Peta say, you know where you're going now - it was meant to be ! :) xx

  • We have all done it Richard and no doubt we will do it even more with the passing years.


  • 24 hours early eh' king, now that's what I call dedication!!!. Well done you, Ha Ha.

  • A day early better than a day late! ! ! X x x

  • It used to be called a Senior Moment now it is called a CRAFT moment Cannot Remember A Flaming Thing.

    Thats what wifes are for to give you encouragement and prove you wrong. Lol.

  • LOL, sorry Kingy, I'm all for punctuality, but that's taking it too far LOL :)

    Sandra x x x

  • Once again up bright? and early, and off I go to my meeting.


  • Sorry kingy I had to laugh, you always seem to me to be so organised and as I'm not you just joined my corner He! He! Love you though xxxx

  • At least it was your own fault and nobody else 's , put it down to age and Alzheimer's, ;)

  • At least it was your own fault and nobody else 's , put it down to age and Alzheimer's, ;)

  • Hope you made it ok today Richard. Last week I put the cat's food in the bowl, put it in the fridge and the tin on the floor, I think I may be committed soon, if you don't hear from me for a while you'll know I'm at the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time, and I'll be happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats..... sounds quite good actually.

  • Lol. I won't dare come and visit you as they will never let me out again! :o

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