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I have only recently managed to access this site again, but I can't get used to the new order of the replies to Posts or Blogs..from newest to oldest. I know the time they were posted is put next to them but can't get my brain in gear and loose the thread of the discussion!

Now try to scroll down and read them from the bottom. Sorry if someone else has mentioned this before.

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  • Hi knitter - if you look underneath the original post to the right you will see two boxes - if you hover mouse over each one it will show 'newest to oldest' and vice versa - click on the option you prefer and hey presto! Hope that helps and good morning to you while I'm at it :) xx

  • You are a mind of information scrobbitty I wondered about that as well

    Thank you knitter for asking and thank you scrobbitty

    polly xx

  • Thanks, scrobs, like knitter, I haven't been happy. I don't want to be at the top, but if you start switching around, would you lose the continuity? Hope you aren't too hot. I can feel the heat coming. Feel like hiding away somewhere with the fan.

  • It's sweltering here already Annie - fan is my newest best friend at the moment LOL - we had a beaut thunder and lightening storm last night which I hoped would clear the air. It didn't ! Good luck today, by the way :) xx

  • Where abouts in the country are you scrobbs, we didn't have a thunderstorm. I love a really good thunderstorm, maybe we will get it today, middle of the country.

    Lib x

  • I'm in Dorset Lib, close to Bournemouth - think it will be widespread thunderstorms tomorrow according to my weather oracle (which needs some re-training with the amount of times it gets it wrong LOL) :) xx

  • You are very clever Scrobby. Gazes up in starstruck admiration.

    Bobby xxxx

  • I don't see any boxes against the main post. The only thing I can see is one box to the right of POSTS but it isn't anything to do with the order of them.


  • Therese, if you look in the main post box, you will see a recommend box bottom right. Underneath that box and the recommend box in the grey background, there are two boxes with an arrow up and an arrow down. The up arrow is newest to oldest and the down arrow, oldest to newest. Click on the arrow you prefer and it will sort the comments out for you. :) xx

  • Thank you Scrobbitty.


  • HI and thank you, would not have thought of that , scrolling up and down like I was doing before was a real pain!

  • Thanks for that.info scrobbitty :)

  • Thanks scrobbitty I didn't know that, it is really helpful to change things around.

    Hope this heat goes away soon, a nice 25 - 26 in the day time would do nicely.

    Take care


  • Pleasure Peta - yeah would be lovely at that temp - really humid at the moment, we have thunderstorms a brewing again so pressure has dropped again. xx

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