This weekend has been fab - the weather has been beautiful, the garden looks as if a months solid work wouldn't go amiss! and my lovely husband has puffed his way through it all BUT we have had a great weekend. The kids found a roll of visquin and hey presto instant slide which the dogs loved as well. Memories of this weekend will hold us in good stead when times are not quite as good! Hope you are all having a fabulous summer with great memories. Lots of love to you all TAD xxx

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Thanks TAD, what a lovely sentiment. Making plans for various trips and activities which will be lovely to look back on when it's piddling down and rotten again. Living life while I have it, now that is precious. :) xx

Iv'e had a terrible weekend. Do I have to remember it? :(

You don't have to remember the terrible bits, just the bit that's good and the good bit is you're all still here :) xx

NO sorry - hope you have a much better weekend next week! with love best wishes and kind thoughts TAD xx

glad you had a good weekend, something to remember when its cold and wet , our garden is the same its gone from looking bare to full blown in a matter of days, veg n ot doing much this year but fruit is blackcurrants especially, weeds are taking over , need a good cool spell to get out there xx

TADAW -- really good to build memories to look back and enjoy. Good to take photos to record these memories.

Glad you made some special memories this weekend Tad, here wishing you many more.


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