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kindle App and Borrow Box

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good morning all. Not sure if this has been pointed out already. For those who don’t own a kindle. You can download the Kindle and the Borrow Box app on your iPhone and tablet. Borrow Box is a library app which you can borrow books from for free. The audio books are great while I’m crocheting etc I have a book I’m reading on Kindle (at bedtime) and an audio on the go on Borrow box. You can borrow ebooks too on it. Have a good day everyone 💖🧡

18 Replies
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thankyou Iris. I have the kindle app but I spend a lot of money on audible books and to borrow them free instead on Borrow Box sounds a really good idea.

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What a great idea Iris, thank you for that. Xxx

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thank you very much for that Iris, I have the kindle app on my Samsung tablet and also get the app on my phone when travelling.

I signed on to Bookbub, they research daily & send a short list of books in the genres your choice, they're either 99p or free for a limited period. I've read some wonderful books & have quite a few in my kindle library waiting in the wings.

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Iris30 in reply to peege

thanks Peege I’ll take a look at Bookbub it also sounds like a great idea

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Thank you Iris I have been wondering how to borrow books, and now I know. Hope you are well have a good day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxxx 🌻🌻

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oooh thanks Iris, what a great tip! so glad I joined this group I’ve learned so many useful things already 😊I love my kindle and bookbub but can’t afford Audible so will definitely join this 👍

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Bevvy in reply to eleanordigby

check out your library. I get loaned audible books from them. I can listen via iPad or android phone.

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Thank you, Iris.

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Thanks for information. I do want to mention that for me the kindle apps are a poor relative to owning an actual kindle machine. I find the kindle machine is much easier to hold (I have additional physical health issues) and manage than kindle app. Also kindle machine is easier to use in various light conditions, but especially when sunny. Most tablets and phones are unusable in bright sunshine whereas the kindle screen has no issues.

I understand it’s a very individual thing but that’s my personal view point and often when people tell me they don’t get on with kindle I will ask if this is an app or actual machine.

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Karenanne61 in reply to Bevvy

I agree that using the kindle is easier than the app on the phone but having a book there can be so useful when waiting for appointments etc. and you don't want to carry to much. I just love reading so find the myriad of mediums available are amazing. And a godsend to those of us with difficulties.

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Iris30 in reply to Bevvy

I agree. I prefer my Kindle to read books. iPhone for audio books music etc. as someone here said it’s good when you’re out and about and limited what you can carry. Or for someone that doesn’t own a Kindle

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Thankyou. I only thought to borrow an audio book last week. I usually play music on my phone but listened to a Maeve Binchy instead.

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thank you for the info

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there is there is also an app called Libby

It is aligned to your library card and enables you to borrow books to read on an e reader also has audio books


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CraftyLego in reply to Brikel

Libby also has free magazines

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I get impatient with audiobooks possibly because I am a fast reader and prefer real books to ebooks. They do help,me fall asleep on long plane trips, though.

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Thanks for the tip Iris30 I will have a look at this x

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Thanks for the info. It seems that our library service uses an app called Libby. I'll investigate it further and sign up. xx Moy

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