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About twelve years ago before I was diagnosed with emphysema I used to be a fairly useful Short Mat bowler (played on mats 45' long). Of course, once diagnosed I couldn't really get my head round it and stopped playing.

Since I started my PR course a couple of weeks ago I am starting to feel up for it again. Has anyone else gone back to a sport after stopping through illness? And how did you do?


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Hi Bobby, good for you! Get yourself back to it. I've newly signed up for lessons at our local bowling green. It was my friend's 16 year old grandson who suggested it in the first place! I'll keep you advised on my progress. Lessons start next weekend :)

Sandra x x x

Good for you. Lots of slow walking and it keeps your eye in.

Bobby xxxx

I would love to be able to take up bowls,it'd be great fun.i keep trying to convince wifey to sell up and buy one of these retirement places in a love that :)

I think maybe the squash I used to play is going to stay in the 'used to' list - even watching it exhausts me LOL :) xx

I guess I will never get back to the badminton either. Woe is is.

Bobby xxxx

You're an inspiration pleased that you're feeling the benefits and the PR is going well :)

Not sure if you read my blog from yesterday but the consultant is going to refer me for another PR course. Hey....we could meet up for a spot of rock climbing or wind-surfing...or this tennis they keep showing on TV :D

Keep up the good work,

Lovelight xxx

Yep, a bit of para gliding and scuba diving thrown in. Let's go for it.

Bobby xxxx

hi Philip.I say if u can do it just do it why not even a bit slower than others why not,our lungs age with time anyway/plenty of ppl who havnt got copd walk like either snails puffing an panting and the obese ones walk really slow panting for breath ive seen them ,take care

I went to PR for the third time today. Most of the others are younger than me but I held my own.

Bobby xx

good for u Philip,i start tomorrow and I think most be older than me but I mix with any1,mines a 12week course think there flogging us to death hear in Oldham lol,its how we or u feel so keep it up.take care

p,s, u want go on bowling green just go free country

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