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Still have no diagnosis to why I have breathing problems and pain in my lungs when i breath


I have had breathing problems since April last year, and pain in my lungs when breathing it is worse when i try and do things like doing house work and such i even have pain in my neck shoulders and back which is unbearable at times, i find it difficult to sleep with all this. I have had a ct scan last year which showed a spot on each lung but no diagnosis what they are. Is there any one else that has this problem or what it could be?

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Didn't you ask this question before?

in reply to Toci

hi toci yes was asked march,i was fast tracked xmas 2012 and told 4days later,caroll take care


Hullo, katay. I read your blog. and really cant say what causes your problems. It sounds to me as if you need to speak to your GP urgently. You need a diagnosis since something must be causing you discomfort. Certainly speak tothe BLF nurses who are very helpful. Hoping that someone will come along with the tel.number.

I would sort all this out urgently. Let us know how you get on -- all the best annieseed.

I have seen my GP but she won't do nothing as she said wait to see consultant which is the end of August :-( It is just the pain in back and shoulders and and pain when breathing seems worse. I will make an appointment to see her tomorrow and will let you know.

Thanks for your reply annieseed


You perhaps also could try phoning the secretary of your hospital consultant. Explain the pain you are in and about the previous scan you had. Ask if you can have the appointment brought forward.

I have done this successfully for one of my sons in the past. Hope you can see someone sooner.

Speak to BLF helpline 03000 030 555 for some advise.

take care


Thanks psorias

Will try that and see. I got appointment with my GP tomorrow will see what she says, if i get no joy will ring them.


hi u asked this in march,and I would think if it were urgent u would have been fast tracked in march and it would be known wat it is,not waiting till august ,I was fast tracked xmas 2012 and told 4days later,

Hi! I have the sort of pain you are describing... Basically mine is due to lung scarring...and mostly on the left lung which makes sense as although I have scarring on both lungs my left lung had the worse....I would suggest if you have had a ct scan you ask your dr to be more specific as to what the results were and if there isn't a conclusive answer ask to get a second opinion or an appointment with a consultant...mine has been going on for three years and I'm still waitin for a conclusive answer to what's wrong with stop for me is a lung biopsy!

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