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Yay! The good news is that I have been given the go ahead by my spinal surgeon to start exercising after my emergency laminectomy and lumbar fusion in March 2012. No restriction on what I do apart from pain levels.

Boo! The bad news is the increased pain I've had over the past few months is because the next joint up from the fusion is deteriorating rapidly. He doesn't want to operate again yet.....

His advice: build up core strength, general fitness and lose weight and go back when sciatica becomes severe.

I'm pleased I can now go back to the gym and do some cardio work, etc to help my chest and shift some of this weight. Distinctly unimpressed with the rapid degeneration in my spine!

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I bet you are but at least you have the go ahead to do some exercise now. Good luck and let us know how you get on :)


Karma continues! Whilst you were commenting here I was posting on your blog!

In a couple of days I'll have booked an appt with the gym and will be getting to grips with things. At the moment am just very peed off!!


Hahaha and vice versa - my karma has been leaking recently - must have drifted your way or .................... LOL

Having a peed off day is good for you, makes you appreciate the better ones. I keep saying this to the cat over and over in the vain hope it will. The cat as ever just looks at me in disgust and walks away, if I'm lucky and if I'm not, well I still have the scars. :)


Sorry your spines being a bit naughty but pleased for you that you can get to gym.

:) Anna


Hi fusion, was really interested in your post, I've got sciatica, dr more or less said get on with it, find it very very difficult, am seeing (and paying) for a physiotherapist, which I think I'd helping, what treatment and help have you had? And what advice would you give? Many thanks and great news you seem on the mend, not so good about the pain x x x


Thanks to all of you for your kind comments. A couple of days on and I've got things back in perspective and hope to get an appt at the gym in the next week to talk about a suitable program.

Medow - I'd had occasional sciatica on and off for years and as I have a rotated scoliosis (posh way of saying twisted curved spine) which meant the nerves down one legs were stretched. I saw a McTimony chiropractor on a quarterly basis which kept things under control. In mid 2011 it suddenly got much worse and was constant when upright. As I have a type of arthritis that can affect the spine I saw my rheumatologist who arranged for a speedy MRI, which is when the compression was spotted. By that point it was so bad it was beyond physio, so surgery was scheduled. However there was a sudden deterioration and it ended up being done as an emergency.

The surgeons recommendation now is for Pilates, yoga and anything else that builds up the core muscles but that's because of the particular problems I have. I'm surprised that your GP hasn't sent your for an x-ray or MRI, as that would identify whether there's any nerve root compression. It might be worth making notes of how this is affecting your daily life and see is you can get referred. I hope you get it sorted as it is miserable to live with.

Beth xx


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