Hello !

I am writing this little blog to say "hello" as I have only recently joined the site.

I care for my mum who has severe copd and you have already helped me with some questions I had so thank you.

You all seem so lively and friendly and it's wired I feel sort of cheeky for reading the blogs etc as a "newcomer "!!! Many of you obviously know each other well from your posts.Anyway I suppose you have to start somewhere!

So having not blogged before I was not quite sure of the etiquette and so just wanted to introduce myself say a friendly "HELLO" and thank you for the info you've helped me with so far .

Jane x

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  • Hi Jane, its nice to meet you and well done on your first blog, I found this site when I was diagnosed with moderate emphysema this year and joined at the beginning of april - I felt at home quite quickly. I find people help wherever they can and help cheer each other up as well.

    Anna x

  • Welcome Jane I,ve been here quite a while now and we all a friendly bunch although I have not been taking part so much lately I,m here everyday reading all. glad some of our group

    were able to help with queries you had.

    You often find someone asks a question you were about to put on....all answered for you.!

    Hope you enjoy King & his humour....keeps a lot of us going on grey days !!

    And we have a few choccy addicts ,you may have noticed, bit of one myself.


  • Can i have a frys mint please ;-) ;-)

  • Hi David

    Is Fry's Mint still made. My mother used to buy it because we (her four children) didn't like plain chocolate.



  • Yes you can still get it as the wife gets it for me now and again

  • No, you can't I've got them all LOL :) xx

  • I be there now

  • I you can well come as i think it do's not matter how small or big a question you will all

    ways find someone to help in one way or a nother

  • Hello and welcome.

    Hope you find all the answers to your questions, hope your mum stays well.

    Kim xx

  • Hi Jane and welcome. On the whole, its a good group of folk on here, ready to give help, support when down or when needed, and plenty of laughs too. Just jump right in, you'll be made more than welcome :)

    Sandra x x x

  • Hi Jane and welcome. Don't be afraid we all started in the same way as you. Don't

    be afraid to ask we will attempt to give our own personal feelings. Hope your mum gets better. Welcome

    Berwick xxxx

  • Welcome Jane, some of us are a bit nuts but we are friendly and don't bite, well not often. Jump right in and join us. xxxx

  • Hello Jane. I've been here for quite a while too but don't post as much as others do. It is a great site especially if you are looking for advice and information.

    Lynne xx

  • Hello Jane, hope to hear more from you. This is a good site lots of good listeners and plenty of advice.

    Lib x

  • Welcome to the fun factory Jane.be daft,..it helps

    John xx

  • A very warm welcome to you and your Mum Jane.

    love cx

  • Welcome Jane and to your Mum too. As others have said there are some lovely people on this site so join in whenever you want to.


  • Hi Snippet, I too have recently joined. and find it so comforting being in touch with others with the same or similar problems, Thank you all for support and information.X

  • Hiya junespoon, you snuck in there quietly so a big welcome to you too :) xx

  • Thank you very much @ Five foot and six and half stone I am not often noticed xx

  • Just jump in anytime and we will notice you :) xx

  • Hi Jane, I care for my husband with severe COPD and have found this site invaluable. I hope that you find it useful too. Everyone is very caring and the information from other sufferers and carers has been fantastic. TAD xx

  • Hi Jane and welcome, welcome to the site. Some of us are more barking that the rest (that would be me then) but underneath the jollity (which is how many of us cope) we are there at the drop of a hat to help, support or just cheer you up. At some stage there is always someone here who will know exactly what you are going through. Just jump right in. :) xx

  • Hello Jane. As another newcomer, welcome to the site.

  • How lovely of you to be here to help your Mum. best wishes and hello to you both :)

  • Hi Jane, welcome to you. I am also a carer for my hubby Pete and I do so admire you for caring for your mum. It is very hard to be a carer sometimes but I think we all do a great job as far as we possibly can. I hope your mum is as well as she can be and sending love and good wishes to both of you. Take care and come back on here often as it is a wonderful site. xxx

  • Welcome Jane. I am fairly new too. I try to inject some humour. I have mild (thank God) emphysema but am subject to chest infections, which don't help the situation. I am becoming addicted to steroids!!!!! Love and prayers to you and your Mum.

  • Welcome Jane, its good to have a new face, hope you will enjoy being here and I am sure both carers and lung patients alike can offer you friendship, support and understanding.

    All good wishes to you and your Mum

    BC x

  • Hi Jane and welcome to the site for the bewildered :D

  • Hi Jane & welcome. I am also a 'newbie' and although I don't often blog, I do visit this site every day and always find some useful tips/advice, along with reassurance. I fine this site very friendly and I also love the mix of serious & lightheartedness.

    I wish all the best for your mum and you. Take care x

  • Hiya Jane

    I am the only one on the site with all his marbles intact. I try to keep some sort of order but it's a hopeless situation. Anyway, welcome to the madhouse and just jump in whenever you like. One word of warning though. Keep your hand on your choccies there are a lot of tea leafs about.

    Love from Bobby xx

  • Now now Jan, I've checked & I still have a full bag of marbles :D

    & my spells are improving you know (just saying like!)

    Welcome Jane, it,s a lovely site & the people here are some of the friendliest I've ever met, so long as you come armed with chocs :D

    If we can't help we,ll point you in the direction of slightly more informed staff :0

    It,s lovely to meet you

    The Witch


  • Welcome Jane - I am a relative newbie too and I too have found the site informative, friendly and funny - you'll soon fit in xx

  • Hello and welcome :) x

  • Hiya Jane and other newcomers. Welcome to the site. You are right there are a great bunch of folk here so just join in.

    Bev x

  • Hi Jane and welcome.I do not do medical,but I do supply some humour .Please look at my blogs'Richard


    Your daily humour tonic

  • Oh my goodness..........what a welcome !Thank you from me and my mum Maureen !

    Looking forward to showing my mum all your comments tomorrow .

    Look forward to joining you all .....will get the sweets in !

    Jane x

  • Now that is how to win friends and influence people (wine gums are the fave on here LOL) xx

  • hi can I ask how old was ur mum wen she had surgery also how old is ur mum now,take care both of you

  • Hi Caroll

    My mum was 61 when she had the surgery and is 74 now.The empheysema was at the top of her lungs at the time .Before the surgery my mum could not walk a few yards she was so bad .The operation in my mums case was truly life changing.The consultant did say he could give her a better quality of life and he did.

    I think there were quite a few factors that went in her favour ....the location of the damaged tissue, her build ...she was quite slim and also very determined.

    Is it something you have a possibility of having done Caroll ?If you want to ask my mum anything I know she would be happy to tell you about the op etc.

    Jane and Maureen x

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