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Exercise and COPD + Living well with COPD videos

Help and understanding for those recently diagnosed or those who have not attended a pulmonary rehabilitation programme.

Ask your GP for referral for a pulmonary rehabilitation course.

Keep on moving - it pays off :)

Have a great weekend all.

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Living well with COPD - BLF video

Thank you bc. Very helpfull

Its encouraging to know there is a lot we can do to help manage our condition.


Hi BlakeyC, I did attend pulmonary rehab 2 or 3 years ago but was still recovering from pneumonia, which seemed to take forever, and I just wasn't up to taking part. Since then I have had mobility problems and don't drive anymore and have no-one to take me during the daytime and it's just too far away. Have you attended and what do you think you got out of it? Sadie xx

Hi Sadie, I am wondering if your PR referral was to a hospital run PR course, recommended by your consultant or GP, if so there may be a possibility of accessing a patient transport programme, its worth looking into and there is no reason why you can't get another referral to PR.

I attended PR over 9 years ago, it is well worthwhile and its not just about exercise, although this is very important to continue, however little we can manage. As explained in the BLF video, the PR course teaches us many self help techniques, how to manage our symptoms and gives us vital tools and information on how we can help keep our condition stable and slow down the progress of copd, literally tool we can use to help ourselves.

I did get a tremendous amount out of my PR course, most of which I apply to my everyday life to this day. I have noticed over the years tremendous benefits from keeping the exercise going, I would recommend PR courses for all.

I hope you can access a patient transport programme. Good luck.

If not the alternative may be a more local exercise group, your doctor, respiratory nurse or community matron may know of something that would be suitable for you.

Best wishes

BC x

Hi, I was initially approached by the PR team in hospital but it has been suggested since by the gp's practice, have mentioned transport problems but there was never any positive response. I will mention it again. Thanks for the info. Sadie xx

Hope you can get something sorted Sadie. Good luck BC x x

hi I go on 2nd july for the walk test,this rehab was sorted for me at breathe easy ,I went for the 1st time in may ,was lucky for once as 2 blf nurses were tgere,asked if I was on rehab/said no ,well u are now,nice 1,my ex gp never even said anything bout a rehab mind he couldn't read an xray either,didnt go breathe easy last month wensday as it was my good friends funeral didn't miss that for anything,this nx breathe easy is 2nd july so al go and leave at 3 as have be rehab for 4,also theres 3 speakers this time,2 are clinical top directors hear in Oldham for respitary and copd ,and the nhs hear,so mite learn more live in hope ,take care

So sorry to hear about your friend carroll.

I am glad you have a place on PR its good news for you.

Your breathe easy group sounds like a good one too with 3 speakers attending. That's great.

take care and enjoy your PR and breathe easy meets.

B C x

I did PR last Autumn, would have preferred to have it in a purpose built unit. This was in a hall at the local Leisure centre. Different hall depending on the day of the week, sometimes the doors we not unlocked by the start time. Then the kit had to be spread out. Given the weather for the trips there and back, I was quite glade when it finished.

Then I was referred to the local Bury Exercise and Therapy (Beats) programme. In a way I enjoy it when I am doing it but my motivation is poor to zero. If I was meeting someone I would go but left to my own devices I can usually find a book to read!

Hi Carras22, pity your PR was a community run one, have spoken to various people about the community run ones they do seem to fall short of the ones run at the local hospital, but on the other hand some say they enjoyed the community run course.

The hospital one run I attended was very comprehensive, 1 hour education, with professional speakers from, physiotherapist, respiratory consultant, community matron, BLF representative, psychologist, Benefits Agency etc, then 1 hour session with lung health fitness instructor with physiotherapist on hand, this included, demonstration and participation in exercise routine. I found it invaluable to me.

I do understand about the motivation side there were many times historically I had to force myself to continue with the exercise and fitness side, even now I could easily be tempted not to keep it going but I dare not knowing how quickly we can go down hill if we don't keep things moving and keep the respiratory apparatus working the best we can.

If you ever decondition you can always ask your doctor to refer you again, I would recommend the hospital run PR courses if you can get on one.

I am glad you are enjoying the Bury Exercise and Therapy Programme, keep up the good work.

hi this rehab is at Royton wellbeing centre so I don't no wat to expect,wen I go for the walk test /I will see the set up/if its not for me I wont be going.i walk daily ride my exercise bike at home so we see/im still my own person take care

just read through the government reports ,depressing reading wont be reading them again/ it seems it gos a.b.c.d.e,thats our lot.depressing.and im not depressed,in market hall 2week back was 2 blf nurses giving spimetry tests to shoppers 17 had copd didn't no got referred to there gp.17 more got put on rehab,i asked ive never seen u in hear be fore,why now,why the urgent awareness of copd as id never heard of it/is there a epidemic now an all thezs years as benn hushed up and its all coming out now and services etc cant cope/,shame on the med proffision for the long years of hiding it/and the gps who have ignored it and the rest,after all thez years of hiding it and hushing it up there should be near a cure at least not the routine of abcde/.as that to me seems what as been happening all thez long years,nothing has come to fruition ,sorry for the rant but ive said it now ,

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plus wen they start talking to u like your 2yr old /cant do this have do that cant go there or hear/that's not for me either,were not brain dead to

hopefully that won't happen.

I would go carroll its not just about the exercise, there is much more to it and will help you manage symptoms and help you understand how best you can slow the progress of the disease.

Also take the opportunity while its still being offered, there is no telling when the PR courses may be reduced.

hi ye am going to see if its for me,withall ppl getting copd now wouldn't be surprised we be hearing of mass cut baks in pr and other services /no surprise there then,take are

Thank you very much for these I have seen a lot of people refer to this in comments and posts but did not know what it involved and as I have no opportunity here to attend such a course at least now I know what I can try on my own - had found the breathing exercises before and knew walking was good but much more to it all - will listen to all the videos properly when I get time and try and do what I can - thanks again. xx

Great to see you all sharing videos and experiences about PR and exercise.

Keep it up!

BLF Active

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