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Hello again every1 sorry if I'm being a pain but can I just ask you if there are any benefits I can claim for other than ssp as I have now been off work since November with copd keep getting chest infections but the tests are taking so long and the hospital and my doc refuse to let me go back to work until they finish test. As i am sure many of u have been in this situation losing all my wage is now a added stress.

Thank you

Lizzy xxx

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I think it depends if your employer is still paying you sick leave at full rate or half rate Lizzy, If they are not paying you full rate you can check with your local job centre regarding top up through employment support allowance maybe. It may also depend on the amount of savings you may have, there is a ceiling on this too. You may be able to find out more at job centre on line.


If the SSP is ending (can be for paid up to 28 weeks), or has ended, then claim ESA -

When you're getting to the end of SSP your employer should give you form SSP1 - so you can make a claim for ESA. Depending on your circumstances, things like Working Tax Credit may also apply, but they have other conditions that are usually based on the previous years earnings, rather than 'now'.

Give the helpline a ring on Monday, they should be able to give further pointers to any help you can access. 03000 030 555 10am-6pm M-F.

Sadly, unless you were in a health scheme that gave additional cover for sick days, or your employer operated a special scheme that paid above SSP or for longer, there isn't a lot you can claim. The CAB have some more info at


Hi Lizzy, Snap! I`m in exactly the same situation. I last worked the last week in November and have been off work since then. I have nearly used all my SSP up and the extra sick pay for 6 months has ended now. I rang the DWP, freephone no and spoke to a nice man who took details from me over the phone and I`ve put in a claim for ESA. Its confusing knowing what`s what when applying for benefits and yes the financial situation is a constant worry.



The BLF helpline have a benefits adviser if anyone is ever stuck for this kind of knowledge. It's not easy giving general advice in the forum as more specific information is often required to determine what would be applicable to an individual.

If you want to find out for yourself, use the online Benefits Adviser > :)


Hi lizzy ive been off since last sept copd late onset asthma went on esa been dismissed from job of 23years! Taking it to appeal takes so long for cons appointments etc just trying to come to terms with diagnosis now no job ! Ive applied 4 dla dont hold out much hope though .


get as much information from your gp and specialist as possible photocopy all letters u send to them go to tribunal if possible took me 14mnths to sort mine 2 wks before i was due to go to court they changed their mind and i got back pay don t give up thet do that to hope u will drop out got refused dla x 2 but with letters reom docs and hosp they changed their minds if u get high result for dla u can get disability badge x


Interesting... I claimed DLA in June 2012, it was initially refused. I appealed, they sent an ATOS Doctor to see me, I was then given low rate care. I need Mobility so I appealed again, they told me it would go to Tribunal and I got a letter in February to say that it would be 29-33 weeks before I got a date for this :O

A couple of weeks ago I was informed that I'd been put in the support group for ESA. As far as I am aware, it's the same DWP who deal with DLA, but they don't seem to talk to each other. So, I sent a letter to both the DWP office who had dealt with my claim and the tribunals office to let them know.

I've heard of several cases now that were due to go to tribunal that were then withdrawn, with the benefit awarded and back-dated. With this in mind, I can only hope my letter(s) prompt them to take similar action :)

For anyone who was considering applying for DLA, be aware that they often reject a claim at first go. It seems that a high percentage of people will be put off by this and not re-apply or appeal. If you appeal then they may just award the low rate care, or perhaps after an 'assessment'. Of course, this will vanish when PIP comes into play, from Monday June 10th - tomorrow (as I write this)

PIP does not have this low rate care component, applicants would have to qualify for what was the middle rate under DLA.


Hi, I think you can get a blue badge even if you don't get dla/pip. Gordon knows more!


You can apply for a Blue Badge, without having any benefits. See for the start of the application process.

Each local council had their own rules though, what may be a pass in one area will not qualify in another :(


Don't forget you might be able to also claim housing benefit if you rent. And council tax rebate might be possible as well. x


Council Tax Rebate ended in April this year :( It's been replaced with Council Tax Reduction. - - It's now down to the local council to set the rules, so the information will probably differ from area to area.


I know but it is basically the same thing. Money off your council tax in part or in full.

Bev x


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