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Weight loss and energy

Hi y'all

I don't post often but read and enjoy your chats.

I've been so exhausted lately, not walked the dogs for ages and finding going to work v difficult .... but have done it.

Coughing a lot more .... tickly cough and some pinkish stuff brought up (sorry about the details)

I have on the plus side, lots a few kilos in a very short time .... currently no appetite.

However I have lost all my 'Vimm and Voooom'

What do I do ??? vits?B? D? C? or GP? Antibiotics?

No idea where to go .... the change in my energy / health / exercise has been pretty dramatic

Any ideas welcomed xx


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Hi izzwhizz, not seen you for a while. I think it helps if you can force yourself to do some sort of excercise. Years ago, I used to get home from work feeling tatered. I would have my tea then force myself to go and play badminton. By 10pm when I went home I used to feel great. It might be worth thinking about something similar but less strenuous. Indoor bowls is good if there is a club near you. Anything like that. Good luck with it.

Bobby xxx


You need to see your doctor ASAP and I would start the steroids and antibiotics


Agree with abbove but also call the blf helpline for advice. Take care. Feel better soon

Tina x


Agree with tina above give the helpline a ph,,pinky stuff not good xx


It's tricky. First of all see your doc about what you are coughing up. Then think about exercise. I think as noted above the more exercise you do the more energy you have. Before I began swimming etc, I'd come home and do not much, be tired and go to bed at 9:30 and struggle with a 6am alarm. This doesn't happen much to me any more.

As for a tickly cough and sputum - I tend to cough up more the day after a pretty hard exercise session especially if I've got my breathing right and using more of my lung. This might not be what's happening to you but it's something to bear in mind.

Good luck, speak to your doc but I really can't praise a bit of exercise highly enough.

Marie x


Please see you GP, appetite and weight loss need checking,at the very least they can listen to your chest. Or at least ring the helpline ................................. waiting to hear how you get on xxx


seems like you are not living up to your name then :)! do tiny bits of exercise as you can - things like stretching arms to the side and circling them , walking on the spot whilst waiting for the kettle to boil - little bits add up and will give you energy ....until you are izzwhizzing again :)


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