Sitting at your computer...................try this HealthUnlockders

....................Sitting at your computer........try this

Cease if it becomes to stressful for you to keep trying& trying& trying

1) While sitting in front of your computer lift your right foot and make clockwise circles

2) Now while doing that, draw the number 6 in the air.

And how did you do?

The answer to last nights quiz was JULIE

Well done Geniuses



You don't have to make clockwise circles to get to your local Breathe Easy

Go along to a monthly BE meeting to join or phone BLF Helpline 03000 030 555 Mon - Fri 10am 6pm for details.

Join BLF as well

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Thats me a thicko :) ok explain pls

Bum on seat.Lift right leg and turn your right foot clockwise,lift your right hand in air and try to move it like a figure 6

No how did you get julie out of last nights mensa dooda

Julies mum has five daughters Jana,Jene,Jini,Jono and the fifth daughter is Julie

I didn't get it. I said Junu doh :)

So did I! Aeiou. We must be missing something!

Of course. I feel silly now.

NO problem but then I,m a woman & we multi task :D xxxx

Listen right leg clockwise, hand in air drawing 6 I think you will find you are just drawing bigger o's

NO I did my leg & drew a perfect 6 yes you may clap & a standing ovation wouldn't go amiss either :D xxxx

Did you use your right FOOT? How many times were you able to do it continuously

Just the once & yes my right foot, I tried it again after your comment & I,ll be damned if I can do it again tho :(

Turn your head i,m gona swear Bu**er!!!! xxxxxx

You need some carbolic soap young lady

I know!!!! these modern soaps just dont get the grime out of sleeve cuffs & collers like the old ones :D xxx Sorry Richard xxxx

OOOOOOOO! my foot wants to go anti-clockwise, it's very strange! Heeheee! :) x

Clever isn't it.

My foot started going anti-clockwise too - not sure how that happened!! - it just did it again!! lol

The appliance of science

hahaha me and my sons are still trying lol - and we are all going anti-clockwise !!

Good excercise

I thought June!!

Julies mum had five daughters,JANA,JENE,JINI,JONO and of course then there was her other daughter Julie.

The Professor


Uho, I got it wrong, I thought it was JUNU !!! SHUCKS! guess I'm not a genius after all! :D X

OOPs me too :( a well we cant be perfect all the time :) xx


They sure do :D xxxx

Sillywitch.You are not meant to agree with everything hufferpuffer says

Why not! I am MOST ageeable!!! ;P

And fools seldom!!!!!!!!!!! eh hufferpuffer

Gladly!!! :D

You must strive to be perfect all the time sillywitch.You must be like the rest of the female sex say they are

WE can't all be the same

But we are all connected.....

Sorry hufferpuffer.I will look for something easier next time

Thank you KingOTC, I've always been a bit 'slow', think it might be genetic?....

I did it - and it was difficult. I'm left handed, found it very hard to write with my right hand.... :(

See, some men just don't like it when we women out do em :D but it is possible init :) xxxxx

Multi-tasking - I believe us women are superb at it.... :) x x

Yes indeedy :D xxx

Dictating NOT doing nowheeze!

I've always said us women would make great dictators :)

Nothing is impossible

Did you just use your foot and not your leg when drawing the 6?

Of course I can follow simple instructions King :) even if I,m useless at maths :D xxxx

That was directed at nowheeze

Sorry, went for a refill, missed it, but I did reply below :)

nowheeze you didn't offer me some of your refill

Sorry - wanna cuppa? How many sugars? Milk? What about a nice slice of home made Carrot cake? Yes, the icing is my own recipe - Icing sugar and marscapone .... :)

Sorry nose in wrong place at wrong time I shall remove if forthwith :( xxx oooops

Sillwitch , don't remove it.I think you have a nice nose.

Right Foot clockwise, right hand drew 6 - and I'm left handed, so the 6 was a bit shaky, sorry.

Bit slow tonight,

You got me!! Did it first time, tried again and nearly dislocated my ankle ,!!! it would not do what I wanted it to do!!!!

Bit like the other one,,, pat your head and rub your tummy, gets me every time.

But I did get Julie!!

Congratulations on being a GENIUS

Was going to put something but by the time I had scrolled down my finger was too tired. Bobby

Not to worry,there's always another day

Right me names gough & i,m off night night everyone see you tomorrow, thanks for another lovely day xxxx

Sleep tight


nite nite, Karen, sleep well x x x

A most strange sensation forming the number 6 in a reverse of my normal style with instantly returning normality as my foot stopped how can this be

I don't know!

Very clever but it is 4.57am can I please go back to bed now. I promise to practise while lying down. Night night xx

And the outcome was?

I realised I have no co-ordination............

The June bit was easy,however THIS IS NOT!! xx

You mean JULIE

Yes I did!! It was time for my bed,whoops!'

- Its all in the mind folks ! - did it first time, - the trick is start going clockwise with your foot, THEN a few seconds later let the mind "Forget" the foot bit, now draw you number six -

easy ! - bit like the old tapping yourself on the head with your left hand whilst rubbing your tum in a circular motion clockwise, with your right hand AT THE SAME TIME .Its amazing how the brain can "Direct" us to do a number of things simultaneously - like steering a car whilst changing gear - we don't even think about it after a while, AND WE CAN HAVE A NATTER AT THE SAME TIME ! - Its all in the mind ......

Did you just move your right foot and not your leg?

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