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ant to let you know that your electric company does a priory list and it's free

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If you are a pensioner, has a medical condition and has medical equipment that needs electric or needs charging like stair lift electric bed which is needed for your medical condition, wheelchair or mobility scooter or needs oxygen which goes through electric equipment.

All you need to do is get intouch with your electric company and ask to put on the priority list all electric company does if not find they get there electric from and ask for their contact details or if you know where a sub station is their contact number should be on the wall near the gate. It's just incase there power cut or they doing cable work and electric goes of then if your registered then you'll get contacted before anyone else.

Also register with your water company they have a priority list as well for their vunrable customers who are pensioners or got health problems and needs water to clean equipment or needs to keep themselves clean because of a surgical procedure. All you need to do is contact their customer service and ask to be put on their priority list . You will be ask some questions if you got medical equipment that needs to be kept clean or any health problems you have and if you're registered disabled.

They will set up a password incase anyone from the water company comes around just to check if your OK, bring you upto date with the works and also deliver water to your door if you can't manage it.

It's free no charge if they do tell them you will report them as its a free service.

10 Replies
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Yes, I am registered as an essential user with my utility companies.

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Thank you. We’re registered with utility company but not water company so will get onto that. Xxx

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Thank you for the information. Many members may not know this.

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Thanks, I am with the Water as priority, invaluable when we had a 2 day water cut last year and I could not get out to get drinking water.

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We had water delivered to us when their was a burst water main, also an electric heat given us when they were working on the gas and qt was cut off. The service is very good Been on the list for a few years now. Worth a phone call.

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I’m a priority customer for all utility companies. Sadly has seemed to make no different whatsoever 🤷‍♀️

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LiveSalt in reply to Bevvy

I second that 😕

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Thanks for that I didn't know it so will sort it out. Do you have to be on benefits ie pension credits or Attendance Allowance? Or do they take your word for it?

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Bevvy in reply to hypercat54

My experience is that they just took my word for it. Not sure many people would view this as somehow an advantage, so trying to cheat the system.

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Hi there most companies have priority services for customers , all utility companies do its a matter of filling in a form on a regular basis to keep the records upto date , most persons over 65 can register plus if you have a disability that impairs your daily activities, if you use things like stair lift , oxygen, special beds or hoists. Local councils have similar things for registered disabled and another service for elderly.

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