Hello all,

I was just starting to feel a lot better from my bout of pneumonia when on Sunday I felt dreadful. Come the evening I had all the starting symptoms all over again.

Yup you've gussed it I'm now laid low with double pneumonia and feel absolutely terrible.

Won't be on for a while as my bed is calling me.

I wish you all well and enjoy the bank holiday on Monday.

Mike x

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Hope you feel better by then,, :)

Get well Mike, it's important!

Lynne xx

Keep warm & safe Mike, we,ll miss you

Karen xx

Oh dear , get well soon


Keep safe and warm



Hope you're feeling better soon Mike.


All the best for a quick recovery - love Annie80

Get well soon and look after yourself. xxx

Hope you soon feel better mike

I hope by 'bed' you mean a Hospital bed. My 4 month stay in hospital started with double Pneumonia and turned into something right nasty.

Don't take any chances Mike

Some people just don't understand the man pains we go through Mike.At least on here their hearts are in the right place.

Hope you make a speedy recovery. Take good care. TAD xx

Get better soon.

Wishing you well and hoping you feel better soon.

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