hi i did find a chemist so i have now had my pneumonia jab done by the nurse at my gp

and i ask when would i have to have another one done and she said that they keep changing there minds and i wont have to have another one that is for life.

I then ask if like flu could you catch pneumonia from someone else and she replied that it is not pneumonia that you catch it is chest infections or flu and then that develops into pneumonia

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  • That's what I always thought about pneumonia, it develops from something else, but have never had any experience of it with anyone I know.

    Yes, the pneumonia jab is a once only, the flu jab is annually.

  • I apparently developed pneumonia from a strain of flu and was seriously ill and ended up in hospital for over 5 weeks earlier this year, three weeks in itu. I had pneomonia jab probably about 6 years ago, I too thought it was for life but then again there are loads of different strains of pneomonia, so even with the jab we aren`t immune to them all.

  • After reading this, Susie, I checked with my doctor who told me that I had the vaccine in 2005. However, I too spent a week in hospital last year and was told by the consultant that it was pneumonia, so it looks like the information you were given was correct. She also said that it was for life, and directed me to the following web-page. where I also noticed that there was a lucrative drug trial for C.O.P.D. patients, if anyone is 'feeling the pinch' !

  • Dukes, I had a look on www.patient and found it very informative, thanks.

  • I am glad you finally got the jab, I think I mentioned that my pulmonary rehab assessment they told me it lasts between 5 and 10 years, so it seems to depend who you ask , I think I will ask in 5 years, just in case. Did yours really hurt like mine did, mine felt like the worst dead arm ever and that lasted all week. The nurse said to me that the jab protects against the more severe strains of pneumonia but you can still develop some types.

  • I had my pneumonia jab yesterday and was told that my arm would feel as though it had been punched. It's been a bit sore today but that's almost gone now but it is tender if I touch the jab spot.

  • Thats it then, I am now officially a wimp, Lol - I could barely move my arm, it hurt all the way down and it woke me over and over, because I kept turning over and leaning on it. And there was me thinking I was a little toughie !! :)

  • Or........ perhaps it hasn't kicked in with me yet and I have that to look forward to :( .

  • oh I think you are safe because mine was almost instant as she put the jab in - it was like stone moving down my arm, never felt anything like it and I had four babies !! I am beginning to think maybe I had a reaction to it

  • hi thanks got it from a chemist called frenchges along the london road, it did not hurt and this morning still ok and the nurse said the same to me

    I think i will do the same and ask again in 5 years if im still here

    Got to remember not to think like that and think posertive has i know it helps

    hope your ok

  • Hi

    As regards the pneumonia jab I was told that after about five years you might need another one. You can I believe have a blood test to check your antibodies to see if you need one.

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