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Just an Hours Walk

There was only an hour before lunch so I thought it was time for a quick walk from my Dads house up to the old girls finishing college. This was a place of great attraction to me when I was a young teenager 36/38 years ago and was only a ten minute walk away then.

It now take's me 30 minutes and my heart is racing for another reason when I finally reach it.

Anyway the hard bit of my pulmonary exercise walk was over and it was downhill all the way back to Dads. I turned my oxy down from 6 to 2 litres and now with gravity on my side walked with ease, back down memory lane. I had a little time to spare so took a slight detour to visit a spot where there's a small ford and pond. Its well cared for now as the grass has been trimmed around the pond, lilly's are growing and a moorhen just finished off the idyllic scene. I took a moment to absorbe the surroundings, leaning on an old 5 bar gate. While in my moment of country heaven the old lady who lived in the nearby bunglow walked by with her spaniel dog.

We chatted for a while and she asked why I was on oxygen, so I told her my tale of woe and she then told me of her problems. She was also struggling for breath but not because of any lung disease, hers was caused by a bad back. Her back was so curved that her lungs were being crushed which in turn stopped them from expanding.

It seems there are many way's our body can let us down and cause breathing problems but a bad back was one I would never have thought of.

Well we went our separate ways and fearing I was late for lunch I headed for home,but there was an unexpected little pleasure still to see, a Willow Tit sat on a branch just above my head.

Now all these years have past and it seems a different kind of Bird gets my attention. Ha I would never had expected that.

I'm off to Breathe Easy Class tomorrow morning and looking forward to it. As KOTC will tell you, its a great place to be for many reasons.

Tony. Have Fun and Enjoy Life all you good people out there!

Oh' yes I was in time for lunch, Whew!

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Sounded like a lovely walk,well done you!! Poor lady, how awful for her,having lung problems,because of her back.Enjoyed your walk anyway, & the descripition of the 'other birds" now in your life!! Hope it was a lovely lunch,& do enjoy the class tomorrow,you have so much enthusiam for everything, I am sure you will

keep smiling,Love Wendells xxx


Hi Wendells, I'm off to Breathe Easy in an hour for some more healthy torture. Its a lovely sunny warm morning here today and I'm determined to make it a good one.

The old lady I spoke of yesterday lives on her own at the edge of a wood on the lower slopes of the Malvern Hills. She is a tough old sort and keeps a good sized garden very tidy. Its amaizing what some old folk can do even when thier health is failing, she made me realise that even though things may be going at a slower pace these days there still going and thats what really matters.

Tony xx I'm gonna smile all day today on your orders yeh' Ha Ha. :)


You painted a nice scene in my head. :)


I can only paint with words as I'm rubbish with a brush. :)

Hope the sun is shinning your way as it is here on the Malvern Hills. I'm off out to enjoy it now after Breathe Easy. Have a good day PTMD.


Sun is shining on the East coast. A lovely day ! :)


I have curvature of the spine and have lost about 4inches in height. I was told it was Dowagers hump. Its true that back pain does affect breathing, a COPD nurse told me. I dont have severe back pain all the time so I keep walking out as much as I can. No use sitting at home feeling sorry for myself. In view of above would I benefit from joining a Breath Easy Group in Oldham next week ? Joyce


Hi Joyce, They say exercise is good for all conditions but I would avoid lifting the weights. You only have to do what your capable of so don't worry what others around you can do. Give it a go and have some fun as I certainly do. :)


thanks - Joyce


Sounds like a lovely walk Tony, but you do live in a beautiful part of the world.

Lynne xx


Hi Tony

What a great blog. Humorous and entertaining as well as giving us an insight into your life, past and present Many thanks for sharing it with us. Bob


Hi Lynne, when I drew back the curtains this morning and looked up at the Worcester Beacon with a brilliant Blue sky behind, I thought there's nowhere else I would rather be right now.

I could do with those new lungs though, to make the most of the views from the top.

Tony xx Tracksuits on and I'm off down to Breathe Easy right now, see ya' :)


You can't beat 'A bit of Breathe Easy'



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