Let's face it

Let's face it we are a pretty poor bunch on here. If there is anything going we have got it. (probably 'cos it's free) You read the blogs and there is always somebody having a really bad time and your heart goes out to them.

But, everybody rallies round and does their best to raise the spirits of the one that is down that particular day. And it works. Time after time I have seen someone go away a darn site happier than when they came in.

Together with the BLF we do a damn fine job. Far better sometimes than anti-depressents or tranquillisers. So gang, I take my hat off to you, you are a lovely bunch. Well done!

Bob xxx.

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Ditto :)

& my hat off to you to xxx

Well as you are a damned fine member & supporter yourself Bob, I doff mine right back atcha fella & with a blush, I thank you for your comments on our efforts :)

love Karen xxx

Hi Bob, I totally agree with what you say, I for one am so glad I found this BLF community as there are some truely great people here, and your one of them.


I would agree too Bob. I haven`t been a member for very long but was feeling down this morning and I was overwhelmed by so many replies I got from my blog. What a lovely bunch you all are, you all made me feel like part of the family. I`m back to my normal self now and the blues have vanished for now. Thank you friends. xxx

'Well I never felt more like singing the blues' forget the rest of it.Ah well what's gone is gone



Don't forget your daily tonic of humour.

Guy Mitchell?

i too agree bob you and others made me feel welcome when i came on last week i thank you all for replying to me and making me feel a bit more knowlegable thank you all anna xx

We are not a POOR bunch,we are the RICHEST bunch with friends and companions like we have on HealthUnlockders



Keep smiling it is infectuos.

How did you know I had my hat on, eh, eh?

It is a pretty cool gang at that - comedians, comediennes, poets, satirists, inspirationalists, (don't diss my new word), artists, and last but not least, living experts. :)

And me! lol

Warm-hearted ;-;

I am so pleased that I found this site. It's a wonderful place to visit.



Or a naughty spider......

Friends remain when acquaintances melt away.

keep it under your hat phillips1 ;-)

We may be poor in pocket and health, but we are rich in friendships, especially on here. Thank you one and all for your comfort, support, and most of all - the laughs x x :)

Group hug ! ((((BLF)))) :D

Amen to that! xxxx

Enjoying the group hug and because of all my lovely friends here am feeling much better than I was this morning. Thank-you one and all. xxxx

ditto Thanks a lot BLF

My hat is in the air to you, as is my Beatles wig. Great blog and so agree. Adrian

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