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Alternative reliever inhaler to Ventolin (Salbutamol)


What alternative inhalers - reliever type - are there instead of Ventolin?

I've found that Ventolin gives me discomfort in the chest (indigestion type pain). My nurse suggested Spiriva and my GP changed my prescription. I was told to use Spiriva once a day and Ventolin as a reliever if necessary.

I'm getting on fine with the Spiriva and haven't, as yet, needed to use a reliever but for the times when I might need it I'd rather not use Ventolin. What alternatives to Ventolin are there so that I can discuss this with the nurse on Monday.

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Hi susie salamol is a possibility tho I'm not surf the differences.

Try phoning help line on 03000 030 555

Good luck,


Thanks Homebreeze, but Salamol is another "brand" of salbutamol, just a different manufacturer. I'm wondering what other inhalers with a different type of medication there are. But thanks for taking time to reply :) .

Hi Susie,

Terbutaline (trade name Bricanyl) is an alternative reliever medicine .

SeasideSusie in reply to rattles

Thanks Rattles, will put that on my list to discuss with the nurse :) .

Hi Seasidesusie

I think the old answer is the best one. Splash out on a phone call and ring the BLF.They have great knowledge of these things. Bob x

Hi S

I don't get on with ventolin and use Terbutaline both as an inhaler and as a nebuliser before doing physio and I much prefer it. Worth a try.


I can double up my Fostair inhalor as a preventer aswell ,read the leaflet,as people don't speak to you theses days,or listen or even look at you,but I find it best for me ,small blue Salbutamol is quick acting good one, I don't like the longer acting ones ,I like it now!!! Then when your bad nebulizer is a good thing.

The small salamol is a quicker acting one ,different make.also depends on whether it is reaching your lungs or getting stuck on your tonsils instead of lungs, so lots to try out.


I thought it was something to do with the cfc propellant, I am on Salamol, but when I was given Salbutamol it had a different propellant and oh boy did it make me cough, so back to Salamol and life is fine..

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