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When I looked in the mirror a few weeks ago after my bath, all I could see was a fine specimen of manhood. However, my wife called me a fat, bald-headed little b****r. Now in fairness I can’t really argue the little, being only 5’4” in old money. I also can’t dispute that perhaps I am thinning a bit on top. O.k, I’m bald as a coot! It was the word FAT that really hurt. 15 stone 7lb is a fine weight I thought.

Now when I was diagnosed with COPD 11 years ago I was an undernourished 12 stone dead. My argument to my wife was that it was the Seretide, the Ventolin and the Spiriva that had fattened me up. When she disputed this I said I would get proof from the others on the BLF site. You have all put on weight haven’t you?

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  • What's it worth? :D

  • Alwayssmiling

    Triple kisses xxx

  • Can iI have a private word with your wife.I don't want you to know who has been talking to her!


  • KOTC lol

  • Hello hillips 1

    In 2009, when I had an op for lung cancer, I weighed 7st 7lb (my height is 5ft 6in). Someone said that they had seen more fat on a greasy chip!!!

    In the four years since then I have put on 3st!!!!! That operation seems to have kick-started my appetite.

    In all fairness, my op went a tad wrong and I was in hospital for a month and my main thoughts, during most of that month, were about food - I began to think about it all the time (I wonder what's for supper this evening etc etc).

    (Have you noticed that all my paragraphs start with 'In'.)

    Anyway, I expect you are a lovely person.

    Kind regards and be good



  • I can honestly say that 15st 7lb is the ideal weight (if you are 6ft 8in :D ) ooops sorry Bob did you say 5ft spit :D hahahaha

    Karen xxx

  • Left hospital three years four months ago weighing seven stone. I stayed there a while until I was put on a daily maintenance dose of 20 mg prednisolone steroids. My weight is now nine stone and I have passed through chipmunk stand in to full blown moon face. Something in the steroids makes the brain think I'm hungry most of the time. Toblerone and lemon meringue pie may also play a part - no , not together.

    I could fancy a bacon and egg sandwich tho.

    Take care and good luck Chris

  • MMMMMM Toblerrone :( I,m not allowed choc since my heart attack, no cream cakes either, it,s hell when I get the steroid munchies xxx karen

  • what about diabetic choccie??

  • Is it very low saturated fat? I never thought of that!!! thanks Janet xxx

  • Try a nice tripe stew now and again 'n' again 'n' again

  • EEEEWWWWW why on earth would I do something like that!!!! be nice King chocs are what I need :) xxx

  • I'm the opposite, I (5'6" - well, used to be, probably nearer 5'4" now), I weighed under 7st three years ago, I was emaciated, horrible. Managed to get back up to 9st and stayed there for ages. Now finding myself losing weight again which I really don't want to. My appetite is rubbish and food either tastes horrible or like cardboard. Am sure it's something to do with the cocktail of drugs and the fact that I constantly feel worn out. Does anyone else have this problem? Libby

  • It's steroids did the trick for me. It's true there are side effects that vary from person to person but you do need to keep your weight up.

    Take care good luck chris

  • Aren't we all different. I gave up smoking and gained over 2 stone and really trying to lose it now. I am not disclosing my weight.

    My lovely husband gave up too, does not have copd and now weighs just over 10 stone! He is not happy. He prefers to be about 9 st 7lb. He looks good, everyone says he does not look 60. His BMI is perfect, but he now thinks his tummy is too big! It's much smaller than Kate Windsors baby bump. Grrrrrrrrrr

    Lynne xx

  • For the cynics on here I have gone from 15st 7lb and am now 13st 13lb. Ladies wanting a date should form an orderly queue. Bob xx Not you Azaard!

  • I weighed in at 12stone when first admitted to A&E.I soared to 23 stone in 9 months.I feel good this month as I have managed to get back to 18 stone.It has taken me 15.years,but hey next lot ofsteroids and it will be up up again


  • Im not "fat" Im under height for my weight lol


  • I like that one Lyn. I must remember it. Bob xx

  • Missing a good blog here ..about to go sleep ..see you all tomorrow .. sleep tight!

  • Oh Annie,I think you are having sweet dreams already!! Ha Ha xx

  • That wretched reply button again - works when it wants to xx

  • - Sorry pal - I've actually lost weight ! - 5' 8'' and ten stone, but puff and splutter away with the best of em !

  • Used to weigh 13stone,,i am 6' 1" dropped to 10' now up to 12'stone,,,This all happend over 2 years,,,but now have no muscle left,,just a 6ft stick on legs,,,bummer start a new fittness program next week :)

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