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help please

Hi all had Ibs and acid refux for years but since the weight loss and eating correctly it has been great but something else been happening for 18 months now. Have you had the feeling like you got a urine infection (peeing is painful ) and a pain which feels like it's coming from one of your testicles at the end of the peeing . my tell tail sign if my gut is playing up is dry mouth and constant clearing of the throat. I find my peeing pain/nut pain starts when i get my tell tail sign. I have everything checked out down there, scan, blood works and the camera with nothing to show . It comes and go like my ibs and my doctors will only refer me back to the hospital. has anyone have this problem many thanks .

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Hi I am female so can't comment on the nuts issue! Just a thought though have you considered that you maybe staying just a little under-hydrated, not to the point of dehydrated but still needing a little more fluid circulating? the dry mouth and throat clearing and slight peeing issues would quite possibly relate to that. It might be worth trying to up fluid intake for week or so and see if that has required effect.


I drink loads of fluid per day .


Ah ok -not that then.


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