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marking my adult taped brief with the time of application

As mentioned elsewhere I use adult briefs full time now since an accident. I wear the better supplies - tena slip maxi, abena, lille, etc. The problem is esp with 24/7, I have no idea how long to wear the brief. There's no wetness indicator. Sometimes, I have it on for 5 hours and it's causing a rash and I just have to remove it. I don't remember when I put it on. Therefore, I have a whole bag of worn but not wet adult briefs which I don't really want to wear a second time. The tapes may not work a second time anyway. I propose writing the time on the front cover so I know how long I've been wearing the adult brief. Does anyone do this?

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Have you tried washables?

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I was in your position two years ago then I purchased a rebounder (trampet). I bounced on it for around an hour a day in total in front of tv. Two weeks later I noticed I wasn’t leaking as much. Now I bounce around 1 hr per week. I only wear a H and B mini non chemical liner. (More comfortable)

Hope this helps

My rebounder cost £250 from Amazon it has bungee ropes so no squeaking springs. It’s very sturdy.


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