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New and desperate for information

I have been struggling with what GP tells me is an E Coli bladder infection for 18 months

( though think now it has been going on for years) It has recently been suggested that I seriously consider having my bladder removed. I am finding it impossible to get information and have tried endless remedies that don't make any difference to my symptoms. I am desperate. It's hard to keep things in perspective when feeling so ill and unsupported.

A friend has just introduced me to someone who has a serious bladder condition and its the first time I have had a conversation with someone who knows what this feels like. She suggested COB.

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This isn't an active group so you probably won't get many replies but have you been referred to a urologist ?

Your Gp should be handing you over to a specialist, presumably you have had urine cultures to find the right antibiotics and tried several ?

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Hello, my daughter is plagued with E coli infections, she also has IC. I suggested taking probiotics in the form of Kefir ( you can buy this in Tesco in the Polish food section) it's a fortified milk/ yogurt drink packed full of good bacteria) Since drinking this daily she hasn't had a bacterial infection for months now. It really is worth a try.


Hi there I found my gp very unhelpful I had a lot of pain but no infection so I had a camera put inside my bladder and there was a big red spot I could see it on the screen the consultant prescribed nitrofantentoin I at night for three months. I still get pain sometimes but not as bad as it was. I eat a very bland diet no tea coffee chocolate tomatoes spicy food.


In Europe there is a vaccine for e- coli - Urommune .I know of one place here but so expensive prohibitive as you may possibly have more than one bug in your urine & may not work indefinitely!


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