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Cystodistention - Recovery


Hi all. I am new to this particular group however unfortunately my bladder problems are lifelong. I am 26 and have had urinary frequency as long as I can remember, sometimes having a drink and needing the loo urgently several times afterwards. As I am getting older my anxiety is increasing along with the problem and it is now something that I consider to have massive control over my entire life. I have sought professional help and unfortunately no medications have helped, after a horrible urodynamics test and a cystoscopy , the consultant concluded that I have a small bladder capacity, about 75mls.

On Wednesday I had a cystodistention in an attempt to increase the capacity, the aftereffects were not pleasant, and although I believe they are getting better now, I would like to know if anyone else has had this procedure and how their experience was afterwards. I am currently very uncomfortable and have driven a short distance as I need to return to work but it has made the discomfort worse again. I wasn't told this would quite so long.

Also, if anyone has any tips about managing my condition in general I would be extremely grateful.


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Hello lucycornwall .

I saw your post of a month ago and I sincerely hope you found quick relief following your recent bladder investigation . It is very uncomfortable and difficult to manage frequency and urgency issues.

I have had a cystoscophy which is much less invasive than your procedure? you have my sympathy.

I had frequency and urgency problems and I wondered if I had painful bladder syndrome. I looked online and saw an american diet plan for food that might irritate the bladder? it was food advised for interstitial cystitis. I tried eating bladder friendly food and switched to non carbonated drinks , no artificial sweeteners and only had caffeine free drinks or de-caffeinated and slowly the frequency and urgency reduced. prior to this .I was going to the loo every 10 minutes?

I am not sure if I have a simple case of overactive bladder due to the menopause but I have Ra, sjogrens sydrome and fibromyalgia and cerebral palsy. All of which can have an impact on bladder function and health.

My urgency and frequency issues really became problematic after I started treatment for Ra . The treatment also caused my periods to stop over night.

I am sorry if I am going into too much detail? I really hope your treatment has succeeded in giving you relief from your symptoms? If not, perhaps changing your diet to avoid bladder triggers might help you too?

Good luck and best wishes xxx

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