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Cold feet constantly

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I'm sure I'm not the only person this affects but I'm really tired of this happening I'm sitting in a warm room and my feet are like ice why?

Any suggestions or advice whats causing it. I mean I get its cold outside but even when I'm warm this happens so I just think it's strange 🤔

79 Replies
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Both feet and hands for me, sometimes my feet feel so cold that only a bowel of warm water helps.

Mine is down to the beta blockers I have been told, but for what I gain from them , cold bits are the lest of my worries.

Take care

Yumz199725 profile image
Yumz199725 in reply to Blue1958

Thanks for your reply sorry its your hands too that's really annoying. The only thing that seems to work is sitting in the bath and then bout 1 hour later same story and my feet go sooooo pale I'm not sure why??

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Lupaal in reply to Yumz199725

Sounds like Raynauds, uncomfortable but not dangerous. I always have cold feet.

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TheAfricanQueen in reply to Lupaal

I have Raynauds and since about two weeks ago my toes were bright red(above and below) and then three days ago my feet felt like ice.My Gp told me the redness was not Raynauds.

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Lainie2875 in reply to Yumz199725

try sitting with a hot water bottle to put your feet on its bliss xx

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Sizzlerman in reply to Blue1958

With me, told it was Isosorbide Mononitrate as it dilates the blood vessels.

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Deckchair in reply to Blue1958

I have AF and take beterblockers and anticoagulants, which reduces the oxygen flow to your extremities, which can result in cold hands and feet, I find that a hot water bottle ( when sitting down) on your feet (with cover on ) and on your lap helps, to keep u warm, also warm fleece sock, also if u like wheat bags which u can put in the microwave for 2 minutes, and I have electric heat foot warmer that can have on, ( research it on Google ) if you are walking a round u can get wheat slippers that u put in the microwave for 2 minutes, send out hints to your family what u would like for Christmas take care wishing u a warm Christmas

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Do you wear warm socks? My feet can get cold very quickly for no apparent reason… then I put my house socks on and they gradually warm up.

Yumz199725 profile image

Thanks for your reply I must admit for a while I wasn't but now I am and still same problem???

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BeKind28 in reply to Yumz199725

Hello :-)

I have this problem and mentioned it several times and they do not seem to be concerned it can me meds

Have you tried the socks that have a fleece kind of lining in , I found some nice one's on Next not cheap but worth it my feet soon keep warm in them :-) x

Yumz199725 profile image
Yumz199725 in reply to BeKind28

I will definitely buy some like that I used to have some but I don't know what I done with them 😅

BeKind28 profile image
BeKind28 in reply to Yumz199725

Hello :-)

No doubt you will buy some and then find the ones you did have :-D

Worth a try though I hope they may work for you :-) x

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HeartyJames in reply to BeKind28

Mention it to health professionals and they do not even respond as if they do not hear I find or just the obligatory reply of "Oh dear or just say beta blockers can cause it", then change subject

BeKind28 profile image
BeKind28 in reply to HeartyJames

Hello :-)

Well at least it is not just me seems they all have been trained the same that is exactly what happens to me when I ask :-)

Hope you are doing ok :-) x

HeartyJames profile image
HeartyJames in reply to BeKind28

Yes doing ok. Lots of appointments next week. A first ever PIP assessment but I do not hold out much hope on that. A endocrine appt. A pacing clinic appt. All in three days. My pacemaker wound is infected so start antibiotics today. I have a feeling I am now going to have issues like this. Pacemaker DDD seems to nake things worse in my view as breathless has got worse. Not really tested it with any exercise yet, due to issues. Other than that , I am leaping around the mountains of the Alps and running marathons on a daily basis. Also to start some therapy stuff for mental side, but probably won't help unless they can fix me physically. Still got to work whatever, as self employed, not that anyone would employ me now

BeKind28 profile image
BeKind28 in reply to HeartyJames

Hello :-)

Bless you :-)

Now this does sound a lot and in different ways I can relate lot's happening not sure which way to turn and it does not help with our recovery

Try and take one thing at a time

The antibiotics are going to clear that infection up so soon that will be better

The Pip answer every question on a worse day I have put you a link look at it you will see how many points you need and what answers will get you how many points

Think carefully before you answer and don't let them rush you or put words in your mouth ask if you can record it and if you can take someone with you

Watch how you move , how you go in the building and if they ask you to do something like put your arms out as an example you can refuse saying it will hurt and leave me in pain if you make me do that

See how it goes you never know and you can always appeal

Here is the link that might help

The rest on your list one by one they will get sorted but take each one as you have to deal with it you will get there :-)

Don't tell Pip you keep dancing on the Alps :-)

Good luck and let us know how you get on :-) x

HeartyJames profile image
HeartyJames in reply to BeKind28

Thanks for that. Oh it's a telephone appt. Trouble is, I am very honest by nature so find it hard when they ask a question about better days and not to actually state I am better than I really am. So more likely to overplay that I am superman, rather than state how I am most of the time on the bad days. It's not easy when you want to be optimistic.

BeKind28 profile image
BeKind28 in reply to HeartyJames

Hello :-)

I understand and I am the same honest but you have to ask yourself honestly can you work , do you think you are disabled and should be on Pip ?

They don't adapt these questions to fit in with individuals circumstances they are all standard which is frustrating so if you do not concentrate and answer on bad days only then I would be amazed if you got it

Maybe tot up how many nad days you have to how many good days how much you can do and how much you can't if one outweighs the other answer all the questions on which one it is :-)

Good Luck :-) x

HeartyJames profile image
HeartyJames in reply to BeKind28

Well its more likely, every day I have hours I have to go and rest and not by choice, I actually hate the bed , usually mornings are not so bad. Biggest problem is that ok - I can walk , but then I pay for it the next day or even days if I do too much. Anyway, it's about personal independence. I only applied for it as DWP said I should do and said I should have a year ago!!!, Health pro's said I should do. They all said what you say, focus on your bad days. I expect to get the lower rate, if any. Best wishes to yourself.

BeKind28 profile image
BeKind28 in reply to HeartyJames

Hello :-)

See what happens you never know :-)

I hope it all works out for you will keep my fingers crossed :-) x

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MilkfairyHeart Star in reply to HeartyJames

I successfully applied for a PIP whilst I was still working, before I was given ill health retirement.

I have many times recommended using benefits and works on the forum.

If you are not successful, ask for a mandatory review and be prepared to appeal. The vast majority of people win on appeal.

I suggest you take notes of the interview. Ask if you can record the telephone assessment. This will help if you need to appeal.

When I had my PIP reassessed in 2019, I had both sections increased to enhanced indefinitely, no review until 2029.

I live with refractory vasospastic angina. I can walk, however I will experience chest pain later as a result of making this physical effort, especially in the winter when it's cold.

Good luck!

Deckchair profile image
Deckchair in reply to HeartyJames

hi to apply for it you should you get the help of the citizens advice they will refer u to the appropriate to department to help u fill out the form, or to respond to the telephone questions, u have got to always put your bad days down don’t say u have good days! ( they don,t like people who trie) I hope u have a successful outcome x

I ,

Hrty profile image

Snap, I've had really cold feet since coming out of hospital a couple of weeks ago. Mentioned it to my rehab nurse earlier today and she said it's the Bisoprolol plus the anti-platelet stuff causing it. I feel like a right old so and so sat here with a blanket over my feet 🙃

Davidc1075 profile image
Davidc1075 in reply to Hrty

Wow rehab nurse how did you bank that one ? I did AF to Cardioversion never saw a doctor and they now say I dont qualify for rehab

Hrty profile image
Hrty in reply to Davidc1075

Lucky I guess. She's already phoned me a couple of times and I now have her direct number should I need it.

Creations profile image
Creations in reply to Hrty

Yes. It's the bisoprolol with me. GP took me off beta-blockers as he said it was a low dose and mostly useful for first year after heart attack , and I'm in year 3 . Hands and feet still cold. Bed socks work at night, as does a hottie under my socked feet if sat of an evening. Most annoying thing is they stay could when out walking, even after 6 miles

LJM15 profile image

I really struggle with this due to Raynaud’s, so totally feel your (freezing) pain! Big fluffy socks help for me, and I’m about to put gloves on in the flat, but failing that, one big trick is get little heat pads if you can that you can put in the microwave and stick in your socks.

HeartyJames profile image
HeartyJames in reply to LJM15

Before heart meds/attackas was always known as the radiator with warm hands and feet so quite a change

Beta70 profile image

I treated myself to an electric footwarmer, you just plug in and soon have toasty warm feet, plus uses hardly any electricity. Not sure how much they are or who sells them but mine was brand new and a bargain at £10 from a charity shop. Possibly an unwanted present for an old lady but this old lady loves it!

Beta70 profile image
Beta70 in reply to Beta70

Just seen you can buy them new on e bay for about £30.

Milkfairy profile image
MilkfairyHeart Star

I have Raynauds Phenomenon too.Cold feet, hands and nose.

I wear lots of layers. Silver Raynauds threaded gloves.

The Calcium channel blockers I take also help.

Yumz199725 profile image
Yumz199725 in reply to Milkfairy

Oh wow what one do you take I was wondering if my meds was affecting it but it hasn't before, I've only been on verapamil for 7 months so maybe that's one of the side effects. Funny question would a period cause cold feet I've never had it like this before literally nothing warms up my feet?

Milkfairy profile image
MilkfairyHeart Star in reply to Yumz199725

Verapamil is a calcium channel blocker like Diltiazem and these medications improve your circulation rather than making it worse.

Beta blockers are well known for causing cold hands, feet and noses.

Hormones can certainly play havoc with your system. When I was pregnant, I had my own central heating system, no cold extremities then.

HeartyJames profile image
HeartyJames in reply to Milkfairy

My daughter gets raynauds age 14. Its like her extremities have false signals. So when go from different temperatures it gets mixed up. So if warm house she can have cold hands or if her body is sweaty. Not the same as the beta blocker effect though

GWP1952 profile image
GWP1952 in reply to HeartyJames

Cold sweaty feet, a feature of Raynauds. 😯

RufusScamp profile image

A well-trained cat can be very useful. I have one keeping my legs warm as I type. 😆

Yumz199725 profile image
Yumz199725 in reply to RufusScamp

I know what you mean my cat will sleep on my head but draws the line at sleeping on my legs lol 😂

HeartyJames profile image
HeartyJames in reply to RufusScamp


ChoochSiesta profile image

Back in the summer I bought the biggest fur blanket I could find. It's brilliant, no cold feet under there.

Yumz199725 profile image

That blanket sounds amazing i have a brilliant warm blanket but some how my feet are always cold it's strange I can feel a cold sensation but they don't feel cold to touch I'm not sure what that means?

Silvertail profile image

My husband has very cold hands and feet. Very cold to touch. In winter his hands go white. He hasn't been diagnosed, but from consulting reputable sources on the web, it looks like Raynaud's Disease.

Regx profile image

Hey, sorry about the cold as many of my friends have this same problem surely due to beta brokers of which we can do nothing but try any thing that can keep your feet warm. Sorry

56dick19 profile image

hi it’s my hands that get cold first then my feet it’s down to the medication I take I wear thick socks and I’m thinking of getting heated socks. I have a heated jacket that I wear even in doors and my hat. Even at 20c I get cold 25c is my ideal temperature. Wish I could afford to keep the heating on 24/7

mariadavies profile image

I wear merino wool socks which help with cold feet

Brynsiriol profile image

Have you tried Hot Hands insole warmers. They are little adhesive pads used by skiers and golfers to keep their feet warm. Single use disposable and last 8-10 hours.I use the hand version due to Reynauds.Available on Amazon, eBay etc.

Ramilia profile image
Ramilia in reply to Brynsiriol


Just to let you know re the hand warmers that if you have used them only for a short time, wrap them tightly in a plastic/polythene bag when you get home, and you'll get at least one more use from them. I've got a record of four uses from one pack!

They are activated by exposure to air, so cutting off their air supply stops them working until you take them out again.

For others reading, this does not apply to the adhesive versions.

you2me profile image

I have cold feet and hands . I was told it was down to my meds. I take bisoprolol and Ramipril . I also take the blood thinner Edoxaban which I was was told would cause it. Best way for me is a good pair of socks and I bought a pair of fleece boots type slippers which are great.

HeartyJames profile image

Heart meds cause it. Only solution for me is a hot bath. Also get cold nose and eyes causing watering of eyes a lot and sore nostrils occur. Mornings ok after bed but worse in mid afternoon

Yumz199725 profile image
Yumz199725 in reply to HeartyJames

Yeah only thing that helps is a hot bath didn't know calcium channel blockers can cause this too.

GWP1952 profile image

Hi Yumz,

The fact that you have cold feet while sitting in a warm room suggests to me that you may have Raynauds syndrome. Aspirin and beta blockers have made my Raynauds much worse and the only way that I can get them warm is to immerse them in hot water. Once they are cold they don't recover themselves as there is little heat being produced and for me wrapping my feet in a blanket does not usually work. I have decided to try house socks as slippers are no good, even lined ones.

Recently I have been working outside on a greenhouse project and coming in with cold hands and feet (and nose!). When taking a shower, the pain in my toes has been excruciating. This was down to continued exposure to the cold, but it doesn't take much to set my hands and feet off. Just taking a pot of yoghurt out of the fridge can turn my fingers white. 😀

Raynauds is usually hereditary. My father had it and my son and daughter both suffer. My brother too. I well recall getting "hot aches" in my feet and hands after a snowballing session. In winter I also suffer from splits in the skin on my knuckles and have to keep my hands well moisturised.

Hopefully you will be able to find some way of getting relief that works for you.


Paula233 profile image

I cant add much to the above comments but at Lloyds Pharmacy they have slippers you warm up in the microwave - like the neck warmers with but slippers and they smell of lavender! They really help warm up my feet. I've now bought another 5 as they are nice Xmas presents too.

Cavalierrubie profile image

l am sure you have had lots of good advice already but here is my penny worth! Thermal socks are a must and if necessary two pairs on at same time and ones that come up to the calf. Top that with thermal insoles in shoes or slippers and you have got it made.

Letsallhope1 profile image

hello Yumz199725,

Reading through your profile I can see you’ve been through the mill as I have.

Cold hands and feet are something that unfortunately I need to live with too.

Different factors: being a woman doesn’t help, women have poorer circulation to the extremities compared to men and for me is also because my heart is just not strong enough to pump efficiently all the way to the small vessels.

What I find helpful are thermal socks and when I work and need to be seated down all day, I use these fantastic rechargeable small warmers which I also put in my pockets when I walk the dog instead of wearing gloves.

I wish you all the best with your follow-up appointment xx

Colour photo of object
Yumz199725 profile image
Yumz199725 in reply to Letsallhope1

Thank you ❤️

Alphakiwi profile image

Heavy woolen sox preferably possum.

Icarus16 profile image

Perhaps thermal socks will work. That with slippers worked for me.

dogsneedwalking profile image

Hello there - yes I can totally relate to this but my legs from the knee down are so cold to. Occasionally my hands are cold and I also get 'numb' finger - It's like sitting with cold air blowing around your legs/feet but the rest of your body is toastie. If I go to bed with cold feet I cannot sleep. Some early mornings I've gone to bed with warm feet and they are cold so wake me up. I might add that I am on Sotalol 40mg x 2 a day but I've had this for years well before my arrhythmia. I was very recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes so maybe this has something to do with it to. It's very annoying but I find going for short walks helps get everything circulating again.

Doublef profile image

I use Slazenger memory foam black slip ons as slippers in the house, my hands still get cold though

CyclingTime profile image

Welcome to my world! Cold feet hands and nose, when I go outside my teeth even ache from the cold lol

Partially the meds and I have always been a coldish person

Wearing the right clothes is the key to staying warm, works for me anyway!

MumaLines profile image

After my Bypass I noticed my knees, legs, feet, hands & nose get so cold, like ice some times. My Brother is the same so we put it down to our blood thinners.

I have bought just bought another blanket for the lounge, it’s the best ever, a Teddy Fleece Blanket from Dunelm. Best thing ever, just pop it over your legs, tuck your feet & hands in and get cosy. This will warm them up very quickly. You will get warm so quickly you will probably snooze which will be good for you x

The meds can cause this, very common amongst us all on the forum. Maybe try a hot water bottle under your feet. It’s our small price to pay.

My nose gets icy cold, any suggestions what I could Chuck on it 😂😂😂

Yumz199725 profile image
Yumz199725 in reply to MumaLines

This is a great suggestion thanks ❤️. My nose gets cold too I just put my blanket up to my nose seems to help not for long though!

xr1450 profile image

I have wondered about this for a long time. It seems as though our body's are tuned into the outside temps more than inside. You can be sitting in a warm room at a constant temp, lets say 70 degrees, when it's reasonably warm outside, yet when the outside temp plummets and you are still sitting in a room at 70 degrees your hands and feet are freezing. I have spent time researching this and can't find an answer.

It's a very strange phenomenon..🧐

Beta70 profile image

For walking around the house in, I have bought myself some Primark fake Ugg boots £7.99. Much warmer than any slippers and not good for wearing outside anyway as they are not waterproof and do not have good grips on the soles. Also I have bought some Warmlite infra red portable heaters, they heat the body and not the room and immediately give off infra red heat like what they use for back pain lamps etc. I use these when I have not got my gas central heating on .

Yumz199725 profile image

Thank you to everyone for your lovely helpful suggestions I'm so glad I have you guys to talk to about this otherwise I just worry myself sick 😅❤️

dullday profile image

I have cold feet as well, have varicose vein particularly in left leg and wear prescription support pop socks supposed to help the circulation. Feet still cold but my OH and I invested in Beurer electric feet warmers, I am sitting with my cosy feet in them now! I have never had chilblains since using the warmers and at bed time, it is a pleasure going to bed with warm feet. We had an older version of feet warmers years ago, they also worked but were only one heat and worn with no liners, eventually got a bit smelly. The beurer ones have a removable washable liner and 3 heat option which switches off after a certain time and you can reset if you want but we have found it not necessary all the time to do that as there is residual heat in them. No, I am not on commission to sell them. Look about if you want to buy, prices vary greatly.

Qualipop profile image

Don't know what does it except poor circulation but Damart do some great thermal socks

Windmill6 profile image

Hi are you on any medication? Beta blockers cause hands and feet to be cold,a side effect of the drug.Have you had your thyroid function checked or have low iron levels in your blood? Wear 2 pairs of socks to keep warm.

Yumz199725 profile image
Yumz199725 in reply to Windmill6

I am on verapamil 40mg twice a day.

Contax profile image

Write a letter to that guy Santa to ask for one of those bootees that both feet fit in and heated with a tiny bit of electricity, if you keep your feet warm you can turn down heating by wearing jumpers or like I do thermals, several old layer and a coat, got to keep those energy bills down. I go to bed in early hours and get up mid afternoon, spend 12 hours a day in bed as nice and warm with sheet, woolly blanket, 15 tog duvet and spare duvet in case it gets too cold, boiling hot water bottle near my back, nothing to get up for in the cold weather and cuts heating bill.

Eldot profile image

I read this thread and realised that my meds have had the opposite effect which is baffling. I used to get icy feet in the office but put it down to poor office heating. I retired in 2020 and went on Aspirin, but still icy feet. Recently diagnosed with VTach, I started with Bisoprolol and Ramipril too. Now the VTach's gone and also the icy feet, as now they're always toasty warm. How bizarre.

isobelhannah18 profile image

A hot water bottle is the only thing that works for me- sometimes 2; one for my feet and one for my hands!

Yumz199725 profile image
Yumz199725 in reply to isobelhannah18

Yes that's a good idea I need to buy one 💡😅

MustyK profile image

For me both my hands and feet. Reasons: Raynaud's syndrome and medication. Basically, the end vessels tend to contract so temperature drops. Best thing is to do a few mn exercises : this would increase the pump (heart) debit; which would push more bloods. In turn, this would open the extremity vesssels. For me, this works much better than trying to warm up the feet/hands by applying heat. Once my feet and hands warm, they sty warm a lot longer than warming them only.

MummaSoap profile image

Hi Yumz

I have low blood pressure and have had this issue long before I was diagnosed with any form of heart condition.

My mum always used to tell me that it was due to poor circulation but I think it might actually be down to my low blood pressure.

I find what helps me is wearing fluffy socks and keeping my feet up on the couch. Also, I wear my dressing gown pretty much all year round (other than the few very sunny days we get in England) and I find if my core is nice and toasty, it’s easier to keep my feet and hands warm. I hope you find something that works for you, good luck! 💛

Yumz199725 profile image
Yumz199725 in reply to MummaSoap

Thanks that's really helpful I have to always sit with my feet up now and have a blanket on constantly which is helping.

Robann profile image

Hi I get cold hands and feet but really suffer with cold ears, I'm on candesartan and coracten they say not raynauds so don't know what it is?? But get this even in warm room next to radiator.

saj01 profile image

Hav you tried putting your feet up... it could be a circulation thing.. or lack of.?

Yumz199725 profile image
Yumz199725 in reply to saj01

I thought so too which is why I always sit with my feet elevated but still same problem some time goes numb 😕

Outandabout profile image
Outandabout in reply to Yumz199725

Until recently I was fine, but then started getting severely cold feet, so much so I could not get to sleeep at night. Doctor and healthcare professionals didn't have anything to offer but it was very painful. I thought I was going barmy as I have always had warm feet and hands. Then I tried silver socks - no use at all and a waste of money for me. Then furry thick slipper socks - no use either. But, I have got proper sheepskin slippers (like the old-style Morland slippers) and wear them all the time. Even in bed sometimes if I am having a lot of trouble dropping off, bedsocks are not anywhere near as good. I must say they are an absolute godsend. Not synthetic sheepskin - but the proper stuff and closed in slippers, not mules. They are not as cheap as synthetic but not too bad on eBay and for me I would kill anyone who tried to take them away from me. Because of the anti-bacterial natural properties they do not smell even after wearing them all day (and all night sometimes). I really hope you find a solution. Good luck.

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