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anxiety after a heart attack

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thank you all for replying and showing what a family this site can be. The physical side of things seems to take precedence and the mental side of a heart event takes the back seat until it fights to get noticed. I thought I’d got away with it 😂😂. How foolish was that!! I’ve Definitely not but reading all your replies helps perspectives and hopefully a number of us can relate to your positive comment’s.

12 Replies

Hello :-)

It has been a year for me today since my Bypass op and my physical side is struggling which I think has a lot to do with the struggles I have been having with the mental side and how it has affected me

But even though some are stronger if that is the right word or lucky maybe that they have a more get on with it attitude others are not and there are plenty of us but we will work through it and you will always have a listening ear and know you are never alone so do not suffer in silence talk about how you feel let it out

Glad your replies to your post helped you and hope you are having a good day :-) x

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Thanks for being here to write to. The mental anguish is the worst bit. But as you said before the good times will return. Once you have a plan and you can move on. Trouble is we are all the same. I remember when we use to take our dog to the vets once she got within 100 yards of the place that was it she would lay down and would not move. She knew. Same with us in the back of our minds we are scared, worried. But we have keep moving forward one foot in front of the other. Slowly but surely we all get there. Thanks for being here.

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Hello :-)

I loved your story about your dog and the vets and how they would lay down as you got closer and they say animals are not intelligent they so are and quite intriguing they have similar feelings to us as well it did make me laugh though at the thought :-)

Yes we have to keep going and we will and with the support of each other we can do it :-) x

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Happy anniversary BeKind28 🎂 (or is it 🍏😂). Trust me, it gets better from now on 🥳🤗

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Hello :-)

Or is it was the right answer :-)

Well I hope you are right into year 2 I shall look for things getting better :-)

I trust you that they will :-)

Thank you :-) x

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congratulations on your heart anniversary, here's to many more x

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Thank You :-) x

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Hi I’m only new to all this my world was turned upside down a few months ago during which I had a heart attack, quadruple heart bypass then another heart attack it blown my mind. I’ve got a councillor now so hopefully that will help but I’m scared because my bypass was only 7 weeks ago I’m still getting lots of discomfort and spasms from the surgery but every little change or the slightest pain I think is it happening again. We are hopping I’ll be well enough to go away in September in our motorhome we have booked some easy sites and much as I think it will us both good I’m not sure I’m so on edge what if I die on a campsite, what if I need a hospital they are miles away where as my local one at home is only 5 miles and so on. My wife says don’t worry your fixed now and you will always think like that you just need to build confidence and I know she’s but it’s so hard after what we have all been through.

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Ewloe in reply to Jako999

I want to say we’re lucky as we now know the status of our heart’s. lucky feels the wrong word. But there are people out there who don’t know the state of there heart so don’t have the opportunity to take medication or make changes to their lives, we have those chances. I now know the issues my heart has and so can work with them to enjoy life. So we’re safer at times than others when we’re miles away from anywhere. Make sure you enjoy your break in September.

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Becksagogo in reply to Jako999

Life is full of what ifs. What if I get run over by a bus. What if the plane crashes. You can't live your life wondering what MAY happen. Go on holiday. Enjoy it. If you find its particularly tough then go home or spend an extra day in the same place relaxing. It sounds as though you have a very supportive wife who will have been through a lot too so spoil her. I'm sure she will help with the heavier aspects of motor homing. Ask for help from fellow "campers". You'll be amazed how helpful people can be.

I'm off to Lanzarote in September and have asked for assistance both here and in Spain. I also have really good insurance so that in the event that something does go wrong, I won't have to worry about the cost of being repatriated.

Please enjoy it. Don't let this heart thing beat you!

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Felly12 in reply to Jako999

All I can say is go away in your motor home and enjoy yourself. Regarding your worries and concerns I totally except them. I have similar worries and concerns. Even though my heart issue is different. But the one piece of advice which I got was just plan the trip a bit more. If you want to stop and take a break do it. Just take your time and enjoy it. I know two colleagues who have had bypass surgery and one I work with and he does the building maintenance and another friend who looks after my car and still does car maintenance. So both do quite physical jobs. It is incredible what they can do these days. But your concerns are valid. As they say life is for living. But I do appreciate what you are going through

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Hi nigel here. Its 7 years to the date I had my HA and 4 SCA,S.I Spent 11 days in icu had stents a icd was only when I got home did reality kicked in and my anxiety went into over drive ended up with ptsd many trips to a&e with panic attacks.the last one they gave me morphine to calm me down.the heart was OK it was between my I thought it will not determine my future I did the breathing exercises also got apps on myelaxing.there was one that stood out phone for Andrew Johnson his Scottish lilt worked a will take time but you will do it and only you can help yourself good luck .nigel

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