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Good morning everyone, I am looking to find out some info on the above, I have a clinic appointment on the 4th October to discuss it, but my cardiologist more or less said they are going to go ahead with it, what I am wondering is, what the recovery is like,how long it could take, and do they do it soon after clinic appointment or could they be a waiting list? , I don't think mine is too urgent as my tests last week were better than expected, but then I know not much about these things, anyway the reason for all the questions, my partner is desperate for us to book for benidorm for new year but I am not sure if it would be ok, I am insured ok but it's the hassle of claiming, we really want to go, 6 friends have already booked and we had a brilliant time last year x

14 Replies
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Hi Chaz - we've got a few conversation threads going around ICDs, so you're in the right place!

You might this one helpful: healthunlocked.com/bhf/post...

And it'd also be worth checking out the BHF webpage about ICDs: bhf.org.uk/heart-health/tre...

Hope that helps, and do let us know if you have any questions our team can help out with.

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Thanks I will check them out, it's good to be able to see how others feel about it x

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hello Chaz, bit of information here, bhf.org.uk/heart-health/tre.... I would try the BHF helpline, 0300 330 3311, for a little more advice re the holiday.

good luck

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Thanks I will do, I would really love to go, the weather last year was fantastic, unlike dark rainy Scotland x

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Hi Chaz. I'm trying to remember the timescale of my ICD, but am a bit fuzzy on the details. From what I can remember, it FELT like the procedure was carried out fairly soon after initial appointment to discuss, maybe 6-8 weeks later? In terms of recovery, it took me a bit longer than expected, to be honest. There were some problems fitting mine (got there in the end, but it took three times longer than expected) so that may have contributed, but I was very sore (bruised/tender) and stiff for at least three weeks afterwards and had some problems getting comfortable enough to sleep. It took a good few months for me to get over it psychologically - I was a bit wary of being home alone, scared to go out without someone who knew my situation etc. and was terrified of being shocked. Should add that, 4ish years later, this still has never happened and I don't think about it at all now! :) A holiday with friends might be the perfect antidote to that side of things, probably depends on your own personality and how supportive/aware your fellow holiday-makers are?

Maybe you could phone the clinic at the Jubilee and ask if they have any info about timescale/how quickly the procedure is likely to be carried out? I do remember them being REALLY helpful about everything to do with the procedure, and full of info. The consultant who was overseeing it even phoned me at home one evening to allay some fears. Gawd bless the NHS and all who sail in her! :)

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Hi thanks for your reply, obviously if it is not too urgent I would wait till after hols as it is a precautionary measure, my cardiologist has spoken about it for a while but I think he still wasn't sure whether to do it or not, this will be my first appointment to talk about it, going to the regional clinic at jubilee, it's a new one for me! I feel like booking and stop putting it off, I am going to tenerife with my friend in October and when I asked for the ok, he said absolutely no problem with it all, which does give me confidence about new year, it's just the time scale for the icd I am worried about, and of course they might even change there mind for now, I totally agree with you re the NHS they have been fantastic with me, it's a pity not all our heart friends get the same treatment xx

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Hi I discussed my ICD with the cardiologist in December and was fitted in February. I think they told me the waiting list was about three months. That was almost two years ago so might have changed. The bandage was on for three days and I was not allowed to get it wet for three days so no showers. I would ask your cardiologist about going on holiday, also ask him about swiming if you swim as it might be difficult if it is soon after your procedure. Hope it goes well.

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Hi and thank you, if the list is the same I would be back, which would be fine, I wouldn't like to go after getting it done just in case, he has no probs with me going abroad in October so at least I know Its not too urgent just now, a precautionary measure he said x

Hidden this is a good thread for you too

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Hi chaz I have just had a similar device fitted just over a week ago ... after seeing my heart surgeon to discuss it in May.... it took till August to get booked in. Then I had a cold so got put back till Sept. These time scales were based on my hospital the John Radcliffe in Oxford. Waiting times will be different in other parts of the country. I too had a holiday looming at the time (july) and they told me to go and Just to let the appt team know I c9uldnt have the op until after that time.

I would definitely recommend you have the holiday before the op... you will need to declare your condition to your travel insurance.... it cost me £160 in extra insurance.... but worth it for peace of mind and to enjoy your hols.

My post on recovery is hoping well... however as you are not allowed to lift your arm for 2 weeks.... and no carrying anything for 6 to 8 weeks with one arm to ensure fully healing and that wires stay in place! I would not recommend going on holiday abroad over this period after op.

Although everyone's experience is different.... and it's important to focus on the positive (the device is giving you a better quality of life) I am feeling very good already and planning return to work next week. 2 weeks post op. The device can be uncomfortable in bed... I found more pillows help... and each day is getting better.

Have a fabulous holiday and all the best with your op and recovery early next year x

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Thanks for your reply it was really helpful, it's just the thought of it! 😱 we have a holiday booked for new year in Spain but nothing after that, my appointment is on the 4th Oct and hopefully they will be able to tell me more about the waiting time x

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Hi Chaz.... good luck with your next appt... and ask all the questions that you can Of course it's a scary time for you .... it is a lot to take in... this forum is good for being with others that understand what you are going through... and a great support network. I also found that for asking medical questions calling the BHF and talking to their nurses has been really helpful.

Do let us know how your next appt goes 😀 x

thanks just back from the heart failure clinic,meds are getting changed again! got the cardiologist on Thursday, I think I will have a few questions for him,and its the 4th Oct for the ICD clinic,oh I am so sick of hospitals,but I have to say I have nothing but praise for the NHS they have been with me every step of the way,I will keep you posted how its all going xx

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It may be helpful to write a list of questions.... as it can get emotional when talking to cardiologist (that's what I found- and then my mind went blank!)

However the ICD clinic should talk to you in great detail about your device along with life changes, exercises for arm in first weeks, and what to expect.

I know what you mean with constant hospital visits! But you are nearly there hun. Xx

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