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Hi all, I was just reading a post about icd's and it started bells ringing! I got one fitted last December, for insurance purposes only! said my cardiologist, as I have heart failure, I hadn't had any notable arythmias or any other heart episodes, I was told not to drive for four weeks, all is fine and it has fortunately never fired, my question is should I have told the DVLA and my insurance company that I have one? The way I took it from the hospital was, I didn't have to tell them because It was fitted not because of any issues, just as I said for my own little insurance policy due to my condition, now I am worried I should have told them, I don't drive much but like everyone my licence is precious to me, I would struggle so much to get to my appointments char xx

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Sorry you have to notify the DVLA and I imagine there would be no issue as it was fitted for protection and has not triggered. It is the same for insurance - if your cardiologist is happy for you to drive and the DVLA have been informed there should be no problems.

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Hi and thanks, I just couldn't remember what the hospital had said, I will def do it now x

I have the same condition and was fitted with an icd as well just in case. I let them both know to be on the safe side. The insurance company weren’t very interested but took a note of it. It didn’t affect my premium. For the DVLA I filled out the form from the website. They just wanted to know if it ever has to give me a jolt. Then its no driving for 2 years. I would let them know just to save you the extra worry, like you I wasn’t sure if it was necessary or not, so I let them know for my peace of mind. How did you get on with your assessment hope it went well?

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Thank you, that's my job for today, I have had a wee niggle that they should have been told, will def do it now x

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Thanks I will get on to them just now, I think I just failed to take in everything the hospital said when I got it fitted x

Thanks I just never realised at the time, I will get in touch with the Dvla, char xx

Hi Chas... hope you are well 😁 're DVLA yes you should have reported to DVLA and you then have to confirm that you will have regukar check ups ( as if we wouldn't!) And if you have a defibrillator you have to consent to letting them know if that goes off.

Normally... based on not having any episodes you are normally banned from driving for one month. But then you have that letter from DVLA to prove you have notified them and they are now happy that you are fit to Dr. Which then covers you for your insurance. It would be worth discussing retrospectively with the DVLA ( they are having a nightmare with their systems at moment so maybe call in a few days time) it's not that they will ban you now... as you are 8 months post op... it's more so you can gain the piece of paper from them saying you ate fit to drive... for insurance purposed. I hope this helps.


Hi and thanks, oops cursing myself now for not doing it at the time, I really did think I didn't have to but obviously I never took it in at the time, the more I thought about it and read other posts got me thinking I should def have told them, then I was worried they would kick up a fuss because I never told them,just making things worse, no matter the consequences I will do it now, thanks again, I hope you are keeping well take care char xx

I'm in the same boat as you, Char. I didn't have a car for the first year or two after getting mine fitted but I did ask at hospital if I had to inform DVLA and was definitely told it was not necessary, unless I got a shock from it. I do drive now and haven't informed DVLA (since I was told not to and haven't been shocked) but also worry when I see posts on here about similar. Can you let me know how you get on with them please? Can't face sorting it out if it's really not necessary! Good luck x

Hi Chaz1958, the rules have changed & you do now have to tell them. I belong to a Facebook group ICD support Uk & this is the current topic of conversation. This link should help you. Regards


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Just give the DVLA a phone call, they're very helpful. They will send you a form to complete & all being OK you will get a standard letter confirming you can drive but to inform them of any changes.

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Thank you, I will definitely check it, I wish when things like this change we would be informed, it could have such far reaching consequences xx

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Hopefully, they'll keep you informed once you're on the radar!! My husbands ICD was fitted in 2012 when it wasn't obligatory to tell them, he told them a couple of years ago after my nagging him, it just didn't feel right them not knowing & they were fine about, really helpful. Hope you get on OK

Hi good to hear I wasn't imagining that the hospital said that, I just couldn't fully remember and I was beginning to panic in case I had an accident, I just got a new car I think that made me think about it and also other posts on it, as I read my insurance wouldn't pay out if I had an accident!! Eeeeeeek, I will try and speak to them and I will let you know what they said, I hope you are keeping well, take care char xx

Hi chaz, may i ask what your ejection fraction was when you had the icd fitted? I dont know myself about insurances and driving with hf as i hadnt even thought about it myself. I was talking to my cardio nurse about travel to thailand and she said i should be ok once stable on my meds ( no talk of an icd). I never thought about insurance for travel either?!

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Hi, to be honest I am not sure what it is now, I know it's quite low but no one ever mentions it, I keep meaning to ask, tavel insurance was a nightmare, I already had an annual policy with everything declared, I have dilated cardiomyopathy and heart failure, so I thought it was just a case of them taking note of my icd, jeezo I left it till the day before I flew out and nearly had to cancel the holiday, my existing policy had to be cancelled and new one taken out, I was on the train to the airport before it was sorted, the company is insurence with . Com, they were fab, I still haven't told my car ins, which I no now I should, I hope you have a brilliant holiday in Thailand, the only problem an icd would cause is insurance, I hardly notice mine at all, it is an amazing thing, message me anytime if there is anything else you need to ask, take care char x

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Thank you chaz. I hope all goes well with your insurances and have a wonderful holiday! X

Chaz - my ICD was implanted 10 weeks ago. The hospital told me not to drive until review 4 weeks later (satisfactory, thank goodness). I then completed the DVLA form and just a few days later received their letter of confirmation of legal ability to drive. I rang my insurer, who told me that I needed to inform them only if/when the defib kicked in.

Surprisingly simple. The DVLA shocked (!) me that they were so efficient. I'm sure you will have no problem.

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Hi did you fill in the form online? I thought it would have just been quick and easy but it redirected me to be verified?? Sent me to another site experia or something, And I put my details in (driving licence) it then said it couldn't verify it and to put my passport details in? By this time I wasn't sure if this was ok? My passport is in a different name, so I gave up in case I was now on some dodgy site, will have another look tomorrow, char x


You have no need to tell DVLA now,but you must if ever you get a shock

from it.

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Hi I thought that, but everyone says the rules have changed and I have to inform them, it's so confusing char x

Yes you MUST advise them,if you don’t you can be fined£1000by dvlaAND YOU HAVE INVALIDATED YOUR INSURANCE

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Hi I tried to fill out the form online but it was more complicated than I thought, I will try again tomorrow x

You certainly have not invalidated your insurance as you did not drive for the initial

mandatory 4 weeks.It is mute point if dvla will be bothered now after time elapse.

I informed my insurance company who told me they did not record medical

conditions but should declare on next renewal but only if asked specifically

about med conditions.I recorded this conversation for future reference.

You have to fill in the icd form see DVLA website.

In asymptomatic individuals with a high risk of significant arrhythmia✘- Must not drive for 1 month following implantation and must notify the DVLA:

■ driving may resume 1 month after implantation if remains asymptomatic and no ICD therapy needed

■ should the ICD subsequently deliver symptomatic anti-tachycardia pacing and/ or shock therapy (except during normal clinical testing), the DVLA must be notified and relevant restrictions must be applied as detailed under the heading 'ICD implanted for sustained ventricular arrhythmia associated with incapacity).

Hi and thanks for all this information, I checked the dvla site today and started to fill out form, but there was more to it than I thought, will go back to it tomorrow and start again char x

HI Chaz, yes agree with other posts here. My ICD was also for 'primary prevention' & although I notified DVLA they said it didn't change anything but they'd make a note of it. Didn't notify insurance as no need.

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Thanks, I tried yesterday online, no joy, I def will try again later, my car insurance is up in November I might just mention it then, after I have had a quote! Just in case char x

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