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Help please What does my ecg reading mean?

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I currently have been given kardia monitor because of my palpitations and heart flutters. I got this reading this morning and yesterday morning both saying possible atrial fibrillation I won’t be getting my full results until 3 months! And I suffer from health anxiety! Can anyone shes light if I should go to my gp with this asap?

14 Replies
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I'm not very familiar with the Kardia device yet but I see all three waves. P, R and T looks quite clear to me.

I don't know why it states that you possibly have AFIB.

Your hb is rather high at 150 bpm but I don't know what you were doing at the time.

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Friends31 in reply to Palpman

Thanks for replying! I was lying down! It’s happening a lot at rest doesn’t help when I get anxiety because of it too!

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HU_ModeratorAdministrator in reply to Friends31

Hi Friends31, just a reminder that content on HealthUnlocked does not replace the relationship between you and your doctor. Please avoid making any changes to your medication or advising others to do the same, without speaking to a health professional first. Many thanks.

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Friends31 in reply to HU_Moderator

Hi thanks for the reminder. I don’t plan on changing any meds until I have spoken to my gp was just looking for other experiences on here if any 🙂

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That does look a bit fast. Go and see your GP if you're concerned. There's nothing to be gained by sitting at home worrying.

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Friends31 in reply to spinningjenny

Thank you! I have an appointment to speak to the gp today!

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I currently have been given kardia monitor because of my palpitations and heart flutters

Hello who gave you the Kardia to monitor your Heart ??

Why would you need to wait 3 months ? is it going to monitor you for 3 months ??


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Friends31 in reply to Prada47

Got it from the NHS. I have it for 2 weeks and I asked when I would get the results and they said it was a 3 month wait! I wish I could afford private and then my mind would be put at ease quicker.

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Hello is a Kardia Monitor known as a Holter Monitor ? just I am not familiar with the term Kardia monitor !!

I can't understand how it will take 3 months for the results on something that will be read by a computer. On a positive note they the NHS don't seem to concerned if they are talking about 3 months for results. Try to stay positive it really helps.


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MilkfairyHeart Star in reply to Prada47

Hi Prada47,

The Kardia monitor isn't quite same as a Holter monitor.

It can be a useful device used with your smart mobile phone, to detect heart rhythm problems such as Atrial fibrillation.

The Arrthymia Alliance sell them.

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Thanks Milkfairy

So will the NHS be monitoring this reading or you take your phone in for someone to down load. Why I am struggling with this, is how you have a 3 month wait for a result.

Best Regards

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MilkfairyHeart Star in reply to Prada47

I am not sure.I know some GP surgery's are using them.

Maybe a forum member who uses one can say how they use it.

I picked up my husband's Atrial fibrillation, he looked grey, felt weird, I took his pulse and could feel the arrthymia.

Confirmed by ECG at the doctor's surgery next day. Followed up with a 3 day Holter test.

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Hi I have a Kardia with the 7 lead option which it looks like you are using,so you use the two fingers on the mo it or and the third part against your knee or ankle, they are very accurate and you an get the results looked at by Kardia but it costs. I am a little like you and do get anxiety after a HA but I 3ouod say that even with anxiety the 150 is high and I would say if your at 150bpm when resting even if it is anxiety and you might have Afib then go and get checked at A&E, the machine is suppose to be very accurate and can tell if there is Afib, NHS say good things about the machine but maybe it's giving you greater anxiety. I would for your own peace take a trip to A&E and explain, 150bpm at rest is enough for them to take your point and check you over. Good luck

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How did you get given of a kardia device without purchasing one yourself? Could do with trying this !

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