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What does this mean?

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Hi all,

I am new here as of today!

I have quite a complex medical history as having Kawasaki disease AND Scarlett fever in childhood amongst other health complaints. However I’ll keep this short!

I have been referred back to a cardiologist as being on the beta blockers I am using have started to not work as efficiently as they did in the beginning and I have been having symptoms consistent with POTS. I have had another 24hr ECG (not yet reported) and a stress echo.

However I received a letter in ralation to my stress echo results, and it’s notes a ‘mild focal abnormality in apical lateral/apical anterior regions but with normal ventricular systolic function’. Leading me to need yet another cardiac MRI as there is suspicion of previous cardiomyopathy?

I have tried Googling, but I am getting no where in understanding what this means!

Just wondering whether anyone on this wonderful page has been told this before? And knows what this means?

Thanks very much all, and I hope you have a brilliant weekend! :)

Edit; The more I Google the more it tells me it’s early signs of heart failure 😅

8 Replies

Hello & Welcome :-)

Yes I would keep of Google look anymore and before long you will not even be here as it loves to tell us the worst scenario

I do not have the answers to your questions but I hope as others log on they will

I just wanted to welcome you to the Community and say hello :-) x

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GreenQueen-99 in reply to

I have done! Being a nurse myself I should know not to Google 😅 But Thankyou! X

in reply to GreenQueen-99

Hello :-)

It like draws you to it though and before you know it you are asking what this could mean

I am dreadful with it myself and have been told so many times to keep of :-) x

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Welcome GQ, I can't help with your current conditions and diagnosis but was interested to read you had Scarlet Fever as a child. I did too and was hospitalised for 3 weeks (notifiable disease) do you think it had a bearing on your current issues??

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Qualipop in reply to Silvasava

I also had scarlet fever. I remember the house had to be fumigated as I stayed at home. I was never told it had caused any long term problems. I wonder why we never hear of it these days. Is every child vaccinated?

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GreenQueen-99 in reply to Silvasava

Hello! I had Scarlett fever quite late on, I didn’t have it until I was 13/14! Potentially could of had an impact! I had Kawasaki disease too (similar strain of disease) but at a much younger age, but back then it wasn’t known about so was caught quite late. I think this is why my cardiologist is taking it seriously this time! Although two previous hospitals have told me I’m fine with a resting HR of 130-160!

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Sorry to hear of your problems.I can't help much, and as you say google is not very useful.

heart failure is oftern caused by a low ejection fraction. (The % of blood pumped out of the Left Ventricle is not adequate). EF is rarely more than 75% and anywhere between 50% and 65% is OK. The nearer to 65% the better.

You can have HF with preserved EF where although the % of blood pumped out is OK, I believe the total volume of bloof may be inadequate because the LV is not filled enough.

Assuming the latter is not the case, and you have normal systolic function you probably don't have HF.

I am interested in the fact that you had Kawasaki desease as a child. One of the resulds of this can be ectatic coronary arteries. Ectatic means that the arteries are 50% wider than "normal". I have ectatic coronary arteries. However I'm old and my parents are long gone, so I have no idea if I had kawasaki desease as a child.

I can't remember being ill with it (maybe it was not named then).

Do you remember what symptoms you had? Cardiologists keep asking me if I had it and I can't help them



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have you done further testing to see what could it be I’m in the same shoes and was diagnosed with apical hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

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