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Chest pain post angioplasty/stenting

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Hi all,

So I had a stent fitted (LAD) to open up a narrowing in my artery on Friday morning. Have been experiencing off and on chest pain. Not too intense. More mild to moderate pain on left side of chest.

Just wondering how common chest discomfort is post procedure. It could be settling in pain where stent was added, who knows.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Huge thanks, Sal.

19 Replies
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Hi there. Stent settling pain in local and does.m not cause much issue.

Do you have narrowings elsewhere in arteries which were left to be treated by medication.

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simplysal in reply to Hearty21

It isn’t there all the time. Just catches me in an occasional position. I read where the stent stretches open the artery, it can cause settling pain for a few weeks so I’ll assume it’s that. I’m 90% of the time in no pain whatsoever. Just catches me positionally every now and then.

I’ll keep my eye on it. Just wondered if others experienced it in the beginning.

Yes Cardiologist said a few other arteries are “furry” but stated not needing stents.

It’s coming up to 48hrs since stent placement 👍

Huge thanks, Sal.

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Hearty21 in reply to simplysal

It is very early days. Take it easy and try to relax. I know it is not easy. Wish you all the best

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simplysal in reply to Hearty21

Huge thanks Hearty 🥰

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I had 2 stents fitted on the 22nd October but due to blockages they had to drill through first (Rotablation) before they could fit the stents. As they had to drill it meant using a larger catheter than normal. I have to say all Friday I felt like a wet rag with such discomfort, they took me back for a further angiogram just to check everything was okay (it was)Now I have bored you with my story 😜 I'll answer your question. I was told that you are going to feel discomfort/pain with any angioplasty as they are putting something into the arteries so expect it but if the pain is more than that you should speak to your GP or go to the hospital. I am now just over 2 weeks in and still get the odd twinges but the angina pain seems to have gone so I am feeling optimistic.

Hopefully your cardiac nurse will be in touch soon so you can ask these questions.

Don't be afraid to take the pain killers whether they are mild ones or strong ones.

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simplysal in reply to Heather1957

Huge thanks Heather! Crikey, what did they drill before fitting the stent? Sounds a difficult procedure? Huge thanks for your reassurance 🥰

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Heather1957 in reply to simplysal

They did and the first I knew was when I was lying on the table having the angiogram, didn't have time to think about it (luckily) LOL.

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Hi ,I had a stent fitted 10 days ago and I am still spasmodically, experiencing tightness in the chest, Yesterday I went to A and E had an ECG, Trop blood test and x ray , waited 7 hours to be told no heart incident. Still feeling anxious even though I have read about stretch pain. I have not been allocated a Cardiac nurse yet.

As all my other arteries are 'pristine' and I can 'run a marathon now', according to my cardiologist, I assume nothing can go wrong as ' the problem has been fixed'.

I wish you a speedy recovery and try to stay calm although I know this is easier said than done!!

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simplysal in reply to HedgeHogHome

Cheers for your words of comfort. Most/all of the time I’m perfectly comfortable and in no pain. Just once every three or four hours can experience left sided twinge movement related. Knowing there’s a stent there might have made me feel a little suspicious now, whereas not before.

Can we take ibuprofen if need be do you know? I didn’t ask about suitable pain killers 👍

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nellie237 in reply to simplysal

I had a stent placed in my LAD in 2012. Your post has reminded me that I had exactly the same odd bits of pain. I remember it kind of made me sit up and think "What was that?" the first few times. I think it went on for a couple of weeks, and then I noticed it had stopped.

I was told not to take any NSAIDs ever, but I think that was because of the bag of meds I came home with (Bisoprolol, Ramipril, Atorvastatin, Clopidogrel and Aspirin)

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Heather1957 in reply to nellie237

I had to look up NSAIDs, luckily I have never taken any of those although I was warned off ibuprofen when I started taking diabetic medication.

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MilkfairyHeart Star in reply to simplysal

The advice is that if you live with a heart condition or are taking antiplatelets medication not to take non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs, NSAIDS, such as Ibuprofen.

Check with your Pharmacist about which pain relieving medication you can take.

Usually paracetamol is okay.

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Had some discomfort for a few weeks after my stent. The angioplasty and stent placement cause an injury to the blood vessel which takes about six weeks to settle. In my case all seems well now.

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Morning, had a heart attack 10 weeks ago, do have slight discomfort on left side, but nothing that requires medication.

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Hello, had HA and stent fitted may 20.I had twinges, according to GP "you've had your plumbing rearranged so it will be bedding in"! I still occasionally get the odd twinge and HF nurse said it's normal.Good luck.

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I had similar problems for around 5 or 6 months after my heart attack and stents, including 3 or 4 visits to a&e . It just takes time for your body to settle down again and of course you tend to worry about every little ache and pain whereas before you would hardly have noticed them. However, if you are worried always phone 999 - they will never criticise you for being concerned about chest pains.

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I had three and had tightness across the top of my chest and the occasional twinge for several weeks. All fine now.

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I had two stents Dec 20, I have been having chest pains for the past 9 months doctor says its initially due to the stents and internal bruising. However I now have pains in chest associated with muscle wastage due to low fat diet. (doctor says muscles loose mass first when dieting.

I hope you feel better soon, lots of good help on this forum!

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Hi Sal,I still experience occasional twinges, sometimes pain for day(s) and its nearly 2 years since my 4 stents (full metal jacket LAD). Got so anxious last spring that I went to A&E who gave me an ECG, blood tests and found nothing other than raised GGT. Had my GGT checked out by another blood test and it was back to normal, so I put it down to overdoing it on the exercise, my 44 length swim or it could have been my use of the rowing machne - who knows? I am anxious by nature and still worry at every little twinge. I am hoping over time it will get better and wait in hope, so is my wife! I have also tried online CBT, which to be honest did not work for me.

Hope you start to feel better soon and welcome to the forum , which is very helpful and supportive.

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