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Chest pain 2 days after stent fitting

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Hi all, I’m sure this is a silly question, but I had a stent fitted two days ago and I am experiencing some pain in my upper chest it stops when I sit down. Just thought I would ask the question, other then that feeling great :}

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Ring 111?

Hi following my stenting procedure I had a variety of chest pains. I ended up in A&E a couple of times. Fortunately they were false alarms but they said to go back if needed. The stent and heart takes a while to settle down. However as concerned has said do call 111 or 999 if it gets worse or you get breathless/ nausea feel unwell. Hope it all settles soon. Take care. Zena

Hi I too had pain - no stent fitted but had 3 blood clots removed. I queried the pain while in hospital and was told it was fine, as the cardio said 'we were ferreting around in there like a dog down a rabbit hole' 😀. If you are concerned at all call either 111, your GP, Cardiac Nurse or BHF helpline to put your mind at rest - let us know how you get on

Thanks all will give 111 a call tomorrow, just lying in bed at the mo writing this on my pad and I feel fine. Probs just needs a few days to settle down.

Your body needs to adjust to the stents. Soit is normal to feel some pain but if its a lot call

I had chest pain for several weeks post stenting. Apparently it's normal and just takes time to settle. Call the BHF helpline - they are very helpful.

111 as they are more likely to get I to the emergency department of it local heart hospital. I have never had chest pains after a stent and that sounds scary.

Mind you are still anxious after the operation and will feel discomfort for a while. For some it takes weeks and others a few months but if the Op was a success it will subside. Mine took about 6 - 8 weeks to finally stop but life went on while this was happening. Knowing your okay will help reduce the anxiousness. Good luck.

Thanks all for your thoughts it really helps

I hope it has settled down for you now. I had a stent put in last week, as one of my bypass arteries had a blockage. I get the chest pain, a bit like wind, but higher up. My consultant said it is the heart getting used to the stent, so not to worry.

My main problem is that I get wrist and arm pain, which, apparently, is also something people get. I was asked for feedback by the nurse who did our pre-op talk and suggested that they mention these things, also about the bruising up the arm. She will now warn people about it.

Stay well.

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