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Pacemaker repositioning procedure

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I saw my cardiologist last week and he said as my pacemaker causes me lots of pain and discomfort of varying amounts every day he will reposition it. When he pressed on the left edge of the pacemaker I was jumping with the pain . I agreed to have the procedure but I wanted to wait until after Christmas (only reason for wanting to wait is because I had to spend Christmas week in hospital last year after pacemaker fitting caused rare and very serious complications ) Since my appointment a small lump appeared on the left edge of the pm , it feels different , much more uncomfortable than usual and yesterday I caught it on a cupboard door so I’m wondering if when he examined me and pressed on the on it’s caused it to move , I’m really considering asking how soon I could have the procedure but fear of complications and having to stay in hospital over Christmas mahes me reluctant to ask but I’m also concerned as I’ve caught the raised edge a few times already just a week after my appointment . My cardiologist said there’s no risk to the wires dislodging which is what caused complications after having it fitted but I can’t help feel that he’s playing the procedure down , similar to when I was waiting to have my pacemaker fitted and they say how routine fitting pacemakers is , yes routine for them but not a daily routine thing for their patients. Sorry it’s a bit of a long read, I’m really torn in what to do , hubby feels scared too after last time. I know I’m being paranoid but I can’t help how I feel. Thank you to anyone who reads this xxx

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I know my dad has had defib/pacemaker fitted and refitted 3 times. This has been over the last 20 years. Tye kast time they fitted it in a way that slunds very similar to your experience. My dad was veey uncomfortable having it fitted so shallowly, close to the surface, under the skin. They finally after being pushed refitted it (I believe) under the muscle. This was where his original unit was placed. Ask for the old placement of units. It doesnt now show nor can I feel or see it. You poor thing. It is rotten what they insist on. They should just listen and do what is right for you.

If you research old papers you may be able to find the procedure done as it was that will be the gold for you.

My dad has always been treated at St Thomas'.

I know nothing else I am only on here in pain at 3 in the morning with hormone issues and dystonia pain and spasm cramps. Funny what messages we wind up coming across. Wish you the best.

Hi , sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well, thank you for your reply . I’m glad your dad finally got his pm sorted out . I’ve just been very unlucky with mine . xx

I had my pacemaker moved during open heart surgery as it was catching on a bone. It has now moved again and is worse than before but seems I am stuck with it. They won't move it again. I know quite a few people who have one and don't know it's there! It hinders my life on a daily basis. Worse as they fitted it on the left and I am lefthanded. Didn't even ask as I understand it could have been placed on the right. Good luck!

A neighbour had hers moved and it made no difference to how it felt to her, she just hates the whole concept so can't get used to it. My pm is prominent, I can see the shape of it and can feel all the nobbly bits but it doesn't move and there's no way I could catch it on anything. Sounds like yours was badly positioned in the first place.

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Thank you fir replying , I’ve always been able to see the outline and feel the left edge , it’s much more prominent now . My father in law can’t feel his at all . I’m just unlucky .

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My late husband also had a pm and his really stuck out so I knew what to expect when I had mine done. The Cardio nurse told me men are less likely to see or feel there's as they have a wider space and usually more padding for it to sit in. I hope your next op goes ok.

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Have to agree Bantam. My Pacemaker is prominent and I can feel all the nobbly bits as well. It's not painful though and am just happy to have it. I don't even think about it anymore! 😀

It is refreshing to read that others have this problem. Mine is moving towards my left armpit and is so close to the surface that you can virtually see it. If you have it moved do you have to go fully under the anaesthetic as I'm not sure my body could take that!

Hi , I’ve always been able to see the outline of my pacemaker , since my cardiologist pressed on the left edge of it it’s more noticeable and I can feel it more . As far as I know the procedure will be done with sedation and local anaesthetic the same ax when I had my pm fitted . Are you going to have anything done about your pm?

I think not. Best to let sleeping dogs 🐕 lie. I'm not sure whether I could go through another procedure involving anaesthetic for something that may not improve. I can also feel the wires that bind my sternum ❤ together and thats uncomfortable too. I'm painting 🖼 a lovely picture of myself aren't i?! Gone are my swimsuit and low neck clothes!

Just to update things , I’ve been getting very painful sharp twinges getting much worse so I have emailed the cardiology secretary to find out if I could have the procedure sooner . Very scared at the thought of the procedure though😰

I hope it works for you. Dont be scared as there's nowt to fear but fear itself.

I don't blame you for being concerned. I know lots of people with them and they are unaware of them. I can't forget mine as it constantly grinds against a bone and at times feels as if it is coming up into my neck. The initial fitting was barbaric and lead replacement the following day was just as bad as I felt everything. My Cardiologist won't move mine as he says he is happy with the position but he doesn't have to live with it!

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