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Hi everyone I am useless at abbreviations and when I read some of the posts on here I am totally lost, I know there is a list but I have to go on the list then return to the posts. I have recently read a post referring to PACs and PVCs what are these please. Thank you. Take care stay safe.


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MilkfairyHeart Star

We need a glossary!

PAC - Premature atrial contractions

PVC -Premature ventricular contractions


Thank you Milkfairy

Good morning stillaboveground.I have the same problem. Where can I find the list you mentioned? Stay well.

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080311 in reply to Mountwood


Have a look on the pin board, there is a list there of abbreviations and acronyms. When I first joined couldn’t understand some of the posts because of the abbreviations.


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Boxroad in reply to 080311

What’s the pin board

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080311 in reply to Boxroad

Have a look on the right hand side when you are reading posts, it says things like related posts go down and you will find the pin board click all and then on the left side scroll down where you will find the abbreviations post by BHF.


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Qualipop in reply to 080311

I can't find it at all

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080311 in reply to Qualipop


When you are looking at this post look right at the top of the page right hand side it says related posts under that moderation team, under that it says pinned post next to that all click on that that takes you to quite a long list of different headings scroll down and you come to Abbreviations and Acronyms. Helen photo is next to it the BHF nurse.

Hope that helps.


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Qualipop in reply to 080311

Thanks. I did go there but he list was so long I couldn't find it. Trying again

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Qualipop in reply to Qualipop

GOT IT. Thanks

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080311 in reply to Qualipop

Great, 👍

Hi Pauline thanks for your reply, I have got a link now to the abbreviations so I am sorted now. Stay safe.


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Mountwood in reply to 080311

Only just found your reply as I've been out all day. Many thanks for your help. The right hand side of my screen is blank, but I'll try again tomorrow. Good night.

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MilkfairyHeart Star in reply to Mountwood

Here's the link.


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Mountwood in reply to Milkfairy

Thanks Milkfairy. I'll try again this morning.

I agree with you. I don't know what most of the abbreviations mean. It must be really confusing for a newcomer to the site. There seem to be several versions of the same thing!

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MilkfairyHeart Star in reply to RufusScamp

I agree, perhaps there could be a 'house rule' that all abbreviations are explained by the poster.

Using abbreviations puts up a barrier of understanding between people. They can lead to mistakes, especially when used in medical notes.

I try to write everything out in full, followed by the abbreviation.

ACS can mean Acute Coronary Syndrome or Adult Cardiac Surgery.

Your not the only one 👍🏻

Thank you to all who replied to my post, I am glad I am not the only one who doesn't understand abbreviations, I thought I must be the thickest person on this forum. Take care and keep safe.

Yes it is very confusing and there will always be different versions. I decided to make my own glossary and update it as and when I came across new information. It’s not perfect but it’s a start info.myheartandmind.co.uk/c... I hope it helps.

Thank you SallieCrawley, this is so very helpful, I was skipping through posts because I didn't understand the terminology, I thought everybody else must understand this because there were so many abbreviations in so many posts. (I am rubbish at text language also.) Take care and keep safe.Ruth

Glad it helps. It was letters from my cardiologist that blew my mind. If there are any missing please do let me know as I like to think of it as a living document. Be well and be lucky x

Me too, I'm happy to find there is a pin board....so long as I remember. As a Newbie, though belonged to this site for years due to Aortic valve replacements, I felt a bit left out when everyone started with the abbreviations and it made reading other posts and replies even, hard to translate. Thankyou for mentioning it.

Well thank goodness someone has been brave enough to mention this.I tend to write everything out in full. Even "heart attack" when most write HA. I guess it’s up to the individual but I think if new people are reading the post it’s easier for them to just read it!

Thank you Pauline for explaining about the "pin board" I never knew that the abbreviations were listed there.👍

But in truth if I don’t know or can’t work out what the abbreviations are immediately I just move onto the next post.

As Jimmy Young used to say on the prog, BFN (By For Now). And for those lucky enough not to be old enough to remember Jimmy Young… he was a DJ (Disc Jockey) on the radio before even Tony Blackburn 😂😂😂😂

-007- L2P (nooooo that’s - Licensed to "Pill" - not Pee) 🙈

Hi -007- I too used to just move on when I didn't understand the terminology. Now I know what they mean I might have to consult Doctor Google and see if I have any of the conditions I never knew about 😂. To be serious though many people are far worse than me and not understanding abbreviations can be stressful or something can be missed. I am so grateful to all those who have reacted to my post as I am sure this will help others understand. Stay safe and keep well.


It's not often I'm stumped with an abbreviation, but, I was a couple of weeks back when I received a copy letter from Heart Failure nurse to GP....

Can you please add Mr.H to your LVSD list.

What on earth is that I thinks, as no one had mentioned it before. So I checked and it means Left Ventricular Systolic Dysfunction. So I'm now on a list I've never heard of.

Going to be monitored more, whatever that means.

Hi LVSD sounds like something you would add to your computer or the television. Good luck with that. Take care, keep safe.


Hi thank you all for your very helpful responses, and specially those who said they too got confused by it all too, I don't feel such an idiot now. Stay safe.


TBH , IMO I have to agree, LOL (BFN)

OK John tx

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