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I am new here, I am having an echocardiogram on Wednesday to see if I have heart failure, I am petrified, scared, stressing and can’t sleep

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Hello :-)

I did not have the procedure that you are having done but had an Angiogram after having 3 heart attacks and I am recovering now from a triple Bypass which without having the Angiogram done they would have never known I needed the Bypass and so we know how that would have ended so these procedures can save our life's

I know how scared you will be feeling I suffer with severe anxiety so what I went through petrified me literally and I am still trying to work through it

But because you are having this done does not mean they will find anything wrong it means they are making sure nothing is wrong and I wished before I started having my heart attacks I had been given something like this they could have possibly prevented what happened so try and see this as a positive thing

They could say nothing wrong after all you are fine which would be great but if there was something they would start treatment straight away and prevent things from getting any worse which has to be a positive :-)

I feel your fear and would love to be able to take it away but take each day as it comes , know you are in good hands with these professionals and you will get through this

There are so many members with so much experience and knowledge than me that when they log on will reply but please know you are not alone in feeling afraid and that this is a normal reaction but you will get through it

Let us know how you get on :-) x

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Thank you for reply, I too suffer from anxiety, you are spot on with what you say. It’s next Wednesday my appointment not this Wednesday, I was in such a ‘tis I got mixed up with the dates!

I wish you well in your recovery. Xx

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Hello :-)

When we already suffer with anxiety it does make it worse but you will do it and please let us know how you get on :-) x

Is it the procedure or the results that are the cause of your stress? The procedure itself is simple and painless. You won't necessarily get the results immediately - it depends on your physiologist. When I one last week, the physiologist was really supportive and said my heart valves were good and everything is okay. When I asked about Ejection Fraction she said it was 65% (which is good).

Heart Failure is not as serious as it sounds. It can be managed. It is not great but try not to get too stressed about possibly having it. Knowledge is power. Read up about it on, for example, the British Heart Foundation website.

Good Luck! :)

Welcome to the forum, the Hearties here will be a great help to you no matter what your diagnosis ends up being.

A diagnosis of heart failure (HF) should be re-named, it really should. I remember when my GP thought I had it and the second she said that my ears filled with a roar so loud anything else she said was blotted out. I went home that day and updated my will, taught my husband how to thaw and microwave the stack of homemade 'ready meals'...

And then my echo ruled out HF - turned out I'd been 'in' HF owing to increased pericardial effusion and once that effusion went back to the usual amount my recurrent pericarditis gives me, I was no longer 'in' HF and didn't have the actual full-on diagnosis of HF.

Being 'in' HF simply means whatever is causing the problem is causing the heart to work to the point of being termed 'in' HF - that's a very simplified explanation, btw. Having HF, on the other hand, means something has permanently damaged your heart to the point it has to work very hard (and not especially efficiently) to function well enough to pump blood through your body to and from your heart.

But even if I'd been diagnosed with HF, it isn't the end-of-the-world diagnosis it used to be. Between medication, rehab and lifestyle adjustments, HF is far more 'doable' than ever before.

Have a look through these BHF publications about HF, hopefully any/all (all free to download) will help ease your worries.


Please-please-please keep us updated.

The procedure you are describing sounds like a heart scan which is painless. It is done similar to a ultrasound only around your heart. Sometimes the doctor/sonographer may press on different areas around your chest but it is totally painless. I think the results are sent to your GP but you can check with whoever carries the procedure out. Good luck

Hi there,It’s a worrying time for you right now isn’t it and no matter how many times you hear "try not to worry" you will probably still worry.

But you know what, further down the road when all this has passed, someone will come on the forum and say they’re terrified, and you’ll be saying "try not to worry, it’ll be alright". Because you will have gone through it and come out the other side and you’ll be speaking from experience.

There are several types echocardiogram. I had one that was like an ultrasound scan and every now and then they could hear the blood whooshing through arteries. Fascinating it was.

When the lady asked me to lay on my left side I said (with tongue in cheek) "my body is yours, do what you want with me, but please be gentle, it’s my first time".

She said "don’t worry it’s my first time too"

I said "WHATTT you’re joking right?" 😳 she said "yes I am now turn on your left side" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

The good news is your in the system and can be sorted. The ones I really worry about is all the poor souls out there that are walking around with heart problems and not knowing it.

And now it’s my turn to say, "don’t worry, you’ll be fine" 😉

-007- Licensed to Chill 😎

There is absolutely nothing to having an echocardiogram. Imagine someone with a microphone rubbing it over your well oiled chest area, honestly that's it.

Please look at this link:


Or are you afraid of what they'll find? I belong to another group where we have these often. They usually find little wrong. I had a slightly leaky mitral valve, but was told that was normal for someone my age and of no concern.

Heart failure - scary words, but it doesn't exactly mean that your heart is shutting down, just not working as efficiently as it should.


Yea, You won't be over the stress till you eventually have your test, so I ain't going to say don't worry, as we've all been there; but in the meantime.....Good Luck...

Hi, An Echo is one of the most straightforward cardio tests to have. I don't mind them, but, then again I've had at least 29 to date, and hopefully many more to come....

Fingers crossed you'll receive early positive feedback.

Hi Ytmae1

An echocardiogram is not really a procedure. It’s more like an untrasound.

You get some gel on and the probe is moved around on your skin in the heart area.

It picks up the sounds and you can hear them yourself if you want to.

It’s painless and takes around 20 mins. The gel is cold !!

When I had mine it showed immediately what my problem was. I had Severe Aortic Valve Stenosis. I went in with Early Heart Failure so it’s a great diagnostic tool.

Good luck and please come back to tell us how you got on.

We Hearties ❤️ are an inquisitive lot! Welcome to the forum.

Kind Regards


Yes, fear of the unknown. I use my fear for good, get a clean house in the bargain. It's easier not to borrow worry. Worry will only make things worse. Find your happy place, if you can't go outside, sit back and do it with your mind with your favourite music. Excuse me, while I go to follow my own advice. Lol. Take care. Moni

The mere term heart failure is enough to give anyone a heart attack. It does NOT mean that your heart is suddenly going to pack up. It means there's damage and it's not working as well as it should but with treatment it can often be improved. As for the echo- forget about it; it's so simple, pretty quick and not at all painful; just like an ultra sound.

Welcome Ytmael! You have had some good people on this forum that has given a laugh and good information. 1st time is scary because you don't know what to expect but once you do it, you'll say "why was I worried". Pray your Ejection Fraction is good. Have a BlessedDay!

Just as others have said, the echo really is nothing to worry about. I wondered what I was letting myself in for when I had my first one and yes, I worried. I was so relieved to find it really was absolutely fine. It is also one of the first ways of finding out about your heart health. Having my first one for one problem and then being asked how long I'd had a leaking valve when I had no idea I had one meant the cardiologist knew just what he was dealing with and treated appropriately. By tomorrow evening it'll be done and you won't need another for some time.

Hi as most members know I really have anxiety about most medical procedures and meds but I do go because it may probably help me knowing how to look after myself and prevent further damage an echocardiogram is really nothing to worry about and think its better to find things early than late wish u best

Hi Ytmae1 I have had many echo cardiograms. They can be a bit sore when they put the probe in hard but it's bearable, At this precise moment in time i have heart failure. I have pudgy ankles and feet but also fluid in my lungs, which is scaring me. I go next Wednesday to meet the surgeons who will take on my heart surgery. Not sure how long after I will get the op. I can imagine how scared you must feel, I know it can be treated because one of my friends has it. I hope you had the echo and found it not too bad. Did the radiolgist give you any indication as to what she saw? I hope you get your answers soon. Take care x

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Hi Maskt3 thank you for your reply. I got my dates mixed up I think with the panic I must of misunderstood, It is this Wednesday . What is your PNB?

What surgery are you having? Good luck with the surgeon.

I am going to ask if they can tell me anything, I am waiting a hip replacement too so I hope this doesn’t put a stop to that.

I will let you know how I get on xx