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Today is the day

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Well I can’t Believe today is the day. I’v waited so long for this and by the end of week I should find out if I’m suitable for transplant and get put on the list. I’m a mix of emotions right now and today is going to long and exhausting. I will of corse keep u all posted with how I’m getting on. All your kind words and comments really do mean a lot

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Gd luck hope you get what you want n keep your chin up

Very best wishes to you.😊🤞🤞

Good luck and sty strong xxc

Hi Tori, good luck, we are all here for you, stay strong beautiful girl, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Ruth xxxx

Best wishes for today and beyond.

Good luck, got everything crossed for you 🤞

A big day indeed!I hope everything goes really well Tori and that you get accepted to go on the list.😀

You have the strength to do this and you will. Very, very best wishes to you & your family to carry you all through this week. In my thoughts and love to you all xxxxx

Sending best wishes, you can do this. Thinking of you.


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Good luck with all the tests. Try not to get stressed out. When I had my "fitness for surgery* many struggled with the Lung Function Test as they got so worked up.

Today is the 4th anniversary of my heart angio that revered four severely blocked arteries!

Best wishes to you.Good luck 🤞

Good luck Tori,let`s hope it`s the beginning of a new,exciting future for you.Love and best wishes xx

Thinking of you my darling and wishing you so much luck. I know it’s not easy but keep thinking of afterwards❤️❤️❤️You are the bravest person I have ever known and deserve the very best. Stay strong sweetheart, we are all here for you xxx

Much love and many good luck wishes beautiful Tori❤️❤️❤️

Oh wonderful!! Best of luck today and much love x

Good luck! The team at the Freeman are fantastic.

Wow!!! What a day for you!!! I hope you get the news you've been waiting for. Good luck

Had the assessment myself two years ago and would be suitable if ever needed, will be thinking of you x

Thinking of you and sending lots of love xxxx


ETA: hmm. I like the fingers crossed and praying emojis - says it nicely. But the hugs one leaves a lot to be desired, it should show two characters hugging. And oh hey, a group hug one would be fab, how hard could it be to make one of those?

So, fingers crossed, definitely praying for a go-ahead decision, and (((HUGS))) to you while you go through the testing and wait for the decision!

Best of luck fingers crossed all goes well 🤞 look after yourself xx

Wishing you every possible good fortune!

Good luck to you x

Good luck

Fingers and toes crossed for you little warrior x

Good Luck

I can only guess how mixed your emotions must be Tori. You have been through the mill since the age of 6 months, so let's hope you get on that list 👏👏👏🤞🤞🤞 best wishes, Steve

Keeping fingers crossed you get the outcome you want. Best of luck x

Good luck x

Aww please god you get on the list and get your new heart soon you are one truly brave amazing young lady good luck my love X♥️

Very best of luck xx

Thinking of you, all the very best x

Best wishes. Thinking of you.

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Don't worry if they decide on extra tests. They did with me and as the surgeon explained he/she wants the best outcome for you which is the best outcome for you.

You should bet here by now. Just know that everyone is praying for you that all goes well, you get the go ahead and you don't have to wait too long after that. You are the bravest person I know.

Sending prayers for our parents too who must be so worried. Just saw your update that cath isn't going ahead . Don't worry;they know what's best.

Good luck, hoping it's good news xx

Thinking of you Tori

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