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Hello Well Today Is My


73 rd Birthday.

I had a Heart attack in 1982 ok a few problems on the way By pass Surgery Stents Heart Failure etc but still here. So don't think it's all over because of a HA I am living proof that it's not over for a long time yet !!

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Wishing you a very happy birthday, have the best time.


A very Happy Birthday to you. It's good to hear there are more and more of us being around longer - you have a few years on me. It gives recent "joiners" more hope when they find out a long life can still be had providing you behave.

Here's to many more.

skid112Heart Star

Happy birthday, hope you had a great day. An inspiration to many

Prada47 in reply to skid112


how you doing home or away in Spain ??

skid112Heart Star in reply to Prada47

Still in Spain, going to stay here permanently. Applied for residency, got a lovely mastin, he takes a lot of walking, sulks if its less than 10k haha

Happy birthday Frank. I hope you've been spoilt rotten today, and no doubt had a glass or two of something special 🍸

Prada47 in reply to Lezzers

Hi Lesley

4 x 440ml San Miguel and a 1/2 bottle of Shiraz lol

Cheers raises a glass to your self and Kevin

Fallot in reply to Prada47

I usually read here about ‘5 mg bisoprolol’. This sounds much better! 👍😂

Handel in reply to Fallot

😂 xxx

Prada47 in reply to Fallot

My 7.5mg Bisoprolol must help with the management of my Fun lol

Hands Face Space to Stay Safe

Wishing you a Happy Birthday - hope you've had a good day. 🎂

Happy birthday 🥳🎂🍺🥂hope you managed to have a lovely day, at least it was good weather, well here it was 32 in Norfolk.

Hope you made a good wish on your cake 😊

Prada47 in reply to Fluffybee

Good day down here in Dorset in fact we had Tea outside Today !!!

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Prada47 in reply to Fluffybee

Hey Fluff

hope you had a good day in Norfolk !!!

Fluffybee in reply to Prada47

Well yes I did apart from them spider’ and another one just now !!!!!!! This was a pale brown one !!!!

Norfolk has need really hot 32 !!!

Quite a big of chest pain, could be spiders could be anything. Today is another so fresh day fresh start.

Hope you’ve had a good day in Dorset 😃

Wishing you a very happy birthday!! I hope you have had a lovely day xx

Happy birthday 🎉

MilkfairyHeart Star

Oh Happy Birthday!

MichaelJHHeart Star

Happy Birthday Frank! 🎂🎉🍺

A friend's mother had her heart attack in the seventies and was diagnosed Type II at the same time. Still going strong in her nineties!

Many happy returns!

Happy Birthday! :)

Happy birthday 🥳

Happy Birthday and here's to many more!

Happy birthday was lovely to read your post . 🎂

happy birthday frank. hope you had a good one🎂

Wishing you many more happy healthy birthdays Thanks for the encouragement u actually cheered me up take care

Happy Birthday Prada - a great encouraging message to wake up to! I’m 68 and today it is my 3 week anniversary of double bypass.

Stay safe Terry

Happy heart birthday. Good to hear for us relative newbies!!

Happy birthday - enjoy!!

Happy birthday and well done. Let’s have some more upbeat stories

Happy birthday and thank you for your inspiring message. ❤️

I'm so glad to hear all this! I send you love and hugs, then I shall not give up today🤗👍🏾🥰❤Lovely inspiration ♥️

Love an hugs Bev🥰

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And lots of them!🎊🎉🎈🎂💐🎁🍷❤🥰

Happy Birthday! 🥂xxx

Brilliant news, congratulations

Happy Birthday 🎉

Prada can I ask you a question had HA last year... stent... did you rely on your cardiologist much ?

Prada47 in reply to SmokeAKipper


From having my HA in 1982 I never saw a Cardiologist or took a pill until 2015. I never had a stent in 1982 they didn't really exist then. That's how I probably ended up with a 100% blocked RCA

From 1982 I worked up until retirement in 2005 I worked in some pretty remote environments Middle and Far East ending up in Mississippi for almost 3 years.

Hands Face Space to stay Safe

Handel in reply to Prada47

Sorry this greeting is late Frank. Hope you had a wonderful day. You truly are an inspiration xxx

Happy (belated) birthday, Frank! 🥳🤗

Happy Birthday and good luck to you hope you have many more

Happy birthday for yesterday. Thanks for arranging the good weather 😄

Many Happy Returns!

Happy birthday 🎂 have a lovely day char

Happy birthday Prads47, and may you have many more. 🤗X

Happy birthday and may you have many more.

Happy 73rd Birthday.

Happy birthday, thanks for inspiration

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday and God bless.

Happy Belated Birthday, Frank. Hope you had a lovely day :)


Hope you had a very happy day, 🥳🥳 keep well, live long 🤗🤗 x

Happy Birthday to you,well done!!!!!!

Happy birthday. Well done you great survivor you give us all hope x

Thank you for sharing! And happy birthday! Definitely an inspiration for a fellow HA survivor!

Wonderful inspiring news so glad you have had and still having a long healthy life post HA.

Happy Birthday here’s to lots more Birthdays too !! Take care x

You obviously have done everything right. Stick with it and look forward to wishing you a happy

83rd birthday in 2028.

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