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Colchicine, gout and heart conditions

I've got atherosclerosis (1 stent) & permanent atrial fibrillation. Recently, after having bad gout flares am going to take allopurinol. The Doctor said that I should start the allopurinol 1 month after my last gout flare up (which I've still got). Unfortunately, he is not prescribing colchicine because of heart considerations which is the usual procedure.( It was prescribed 3 weeks ago). Has anyone else had the same advice & help me with this issue of pain relief, gout & heart issues?

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I had the same problem as you but the gout attacks were every 2 weeks. After about 10 days I could feel another bout coming on I just started taking the allopurinol and the attack was halted instantlyPs frusamide was the culprit. Fine at 40ml when doubled to 80ml instant gout

I’ve had gout and taken allopurinol and meloxicam for about 8 years. Started attacking my big toe, but then would attack other bigger joints, knees, shoulders and wrists. Everything would be fine if I took my tablets. If I stopped taking the allopurinol the gout would flare up within a few days, if I stopped the meloxicam my mobility/agility would slow down! I’ve stopped eating meat in the last three months, and virtually cut out beer since having a heart attack three weeks ago. Have had to stop taking meloxicam due to all the heart pills, and touch wood, my joints are feeling ok.

I’m taking an allopurinol every other day but am hopeful the change in diet might eradicate it. I’ll ask my dr to check my Uric acid levels.

All the best

I had a heart attack last aug. After it, I was diagnosed with pericartitis. Because of the HA meds I was on (Bisoprolol, atorvastatin rivaroxaban, aspirin clopidogrel) they could not give me something like ibuprofin as an anti-inflammatory they gave me colchicine for 3 months. It did not do me any harm. BTW I also take allopurinol for gout. I have not jad a flareup in several years.

Have you tried to change your diet to help your gout? I don't know if you eat organ meats but avoid these and reduce your alcohol intake. Worth a try

I have dealt with my gout by diet as I cannot take the meds with my heart drugs I have been advised. I have avoided purine rich foods for 18 months and had no gout attacks.

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Breesha in reply to stagename

Stage name has the key to gout, it’s food related , any malt product Beer , Stock cubes and Horlicks ,are triggers gout can be controlled by diet, smoked and salty goods can trigger as can mushrooms and asparagus. Liver, kidneys , it’s all about purines , and diuretic meds.I do occasionally get an attack , but take two colchecine and then one three times a day. By day three no gout and no pills. .

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Thanks Breesha. Red meat, I have to avoid too and all alcohol.

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sparkling wine is good , so try a good cava, acts like bi carb , the fizz is helpful

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Thanks, will check with my heart nurse.

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Sadly most alcohol (especially beers & wines) use animal products in the clarification process which can cause gout flares. Fish bladders are commonly used. I will drink vegan wines only to avoid this.

Thanks everyone for some sound advice. Beer has always been no.1 trigger for me. So no alcohol for over a month & I will seriously cut back from now on. I'm virtually vegetarian now except for occasional salmon, but read some where that it's not good.

Doc & I have since come to a compromise & I have colchicine to be used as a safety net if there is a flare up. Also allopurinol to start in only 2 weeks time... all being well.


Hi fellow Gout person. As I am in a similar health position. I take one allopurinol daily .The problem started after many years of taking Frusemide, still on the allopurinol (3 years ) now and three blood checks annually, I am managing with this medications would never wish to have the gout pain again although I get the occasional twinge.Its a fine balance with all the other medication I have to take, I hang on to the cardiologists rule book. Aim for reasonable pain free results. My mind is very willing the rest of my body systems wearing out a bitty , positive thinking and good luck to you I am hoping to come out of lock down after 1 year 2 months SO WATCH OUT, when I get down the pub with my zimmer

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