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Echocardiogram worries

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Cardiologist has booked me in for another echocardiogram only five months after of having the last one I phoned cardiologist secretary & she told me I am on a watch list just wondering should I be worried

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Hi, I would be grateful that they are looking after you and reassured that they'll pick up anything that needs attention in good time. It can be scary but also reassuring to have additional and frequent tests etc I am supposed to be on 6 monthly monitoring echos but have heard nothing for over a year, which can be equally worrying......

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MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Annie-blue

At my last cardiology review I was meant to have an echocardiogram but as I seemed fine it was decided to leave it a year. In the intervening year I have lost a leg, had my cardiology appointment changed to a telephone one and then cancelled!

Its good to be watched although its always on the mind. They are caring for you so there wont be any nasty surprises which is good. Anything needing treatment will be picked ip quickly, always better that than finding anything later. I understand your concerns though its awful being constantly reminded about health issues,.

I am a year late for a pancreatic watch and wait MRI which is stressful.

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MichaelJHHeart Star

Is your hypertension under control now? This could put you on watch list. Be happy they are keeping an eye on you.

Agree with others, if you are on a watch list it means you are being looked after. It could be you 'may' have something that may need looking at, or it may be a case of belt and braces.

I would take the comment with a view to "they've got your back covered" 👍

Thank you all for your reply’s will take it all on board it’s only been 9 months since my quadruple heart bypass I was hoping things would have been sorted but maybe not I suffer from dyslexia & with Covid & my wife not coming in with me it’s hard for me to remember what they tell me

I think it's a good thing. I'm awaiting a mitral valve operation and they gave me another ECG to keep me up-to-date at the last one was more than 6 months ago. Try not to worry and well done for getting through your operation. X

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Hambo58 in reply to funnyfennel

Thanks still early days I feel like I have scaffolding poles around my chest hopefully that will go in time

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Hambo58 in reply to Hambo58

Thanks everyone for your help. we’re all on here with problems hopefully to help one another get through it

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