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some advice please....

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I had a H,A and stent procedure last March,just got word to go for an ecg. and echo, what can I expect to be done and what can these procedures tell me ,I am feeling anxious although its not for another 2 weeks, some info would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Hi Sunny,

Both procedures are painless and non-invasive. The ECG will take a couple of minutes - they stick on a few electrodes (basically conductive sticky plasters), connect them to the machine, and the reading itself takes seconds.

For the echo, it's basically like a pregnancy ultrasound but of your heart.

The ECG can give a lot of information about how your heart's functioning electrically, and that can give an indication of the extent and area of any damage that was caused by the attack, as well as how your heart is functioning overall.

The echo gives a view of the physical functioning - how the muscle is responding to the electrical activity. For example, you might have an area of muscle that was damaged in the attack, which the ECG shows is getting "normal" signals but isn't moving as expected in response to those signals.

It's a pretty good follow-up combination to assess how everything is now it's had a chance to settle down, lots of places just give a brief consultation with no tests. If you haven't been experiencing problems or symptoms, is likely to give good news :)

Thank you, very comforting to know that 👍x

Just had it done. Nothing to it. Not invasive. No needles. A simple safe way of checking how well your heart is working after your HA. takes about 20 minutes. The operator isn’t supposed to tell us what they see as we’re supposed to wait for the consultants report but i find that if you ask nicely they’ll be happy to reassure.

Thank you 😊 x

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Qualipop in reply to Mentdent

No one ever did bother to tell me the results of my echo after my heart attack. Thankfully the girl who did it said "Oh good, barely any damage" and that was it. I had to go back for another angiogram but even then the consultant said nothing which is why I suggested making a list of questions . If you don't ask,they don't say.

Hi Sunny. You almost certainly had both ecg & echo when you had your HA, but probably didn't know what they were called then. Nothing to worry about with either of them. Echo is slightly undignified and uncomfortable as they dig the reader into your ribs and throat to get the best readings, but not painful. You get used to all these tests after a couple of years :)

Don't worry. Echo is just like an ultrasound and ECG is just lots of sticky pads and leads while they record your heart and you relax. Nothing to bother about at all. I suggest making a written list of any questions, worries you might think of and take it with you. if you are like me, your mind will go blank when you get there. You may not be given results immediately but could have a follow up appointment with the doctor to discuss them.

thank you for the support !!!

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