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Hi everyone have heart failure have ef 30% re echo and waiting for mri since last September. Had consultation with cardiologist in jan who informed me I needed a CRT-d fitted. I mentioned I was still waiting for a mri. He said I could still have a mri after CRT fitted. Have now had an appointment through for mri after notifying mri technicians I have a pacemaker fitted they said I could not now have a mri scan. Anyone had a mri with pacemaker fitted? Thank you for your time reading my post.

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My husband had several MRI's, he had to have his pacemaker settings twiddled with at pacing clinic before, have the scan then go back to have his pm reset afterwards.

It depends on whether or not your pacemaker is compatible, the newer ones are. My husband has an ICD, he's cannot have an MRI as his ICD isn't compatible. Have the technicians asked the pacing clinic if your pacemaker is compatible or not?

Catlovermo2 in reply to Lezzers

Thankyou for your reply. Technicians said she would notify consultant I could not have mri.

Lezzers in reply to Catlovermo2

Did the technician say what you couldn't have the MRI? Hopefully once you've had the new device in you won't have to wait too long for it.

hf54 in reply to Lezzers

Hi Lezzers I saw your reply just now. It is possible I may have an ICD fitted in the future. Would you know which particular kind would not allow an MRI in the future, obviously if that’s possible I would try to avoid one just in case I needed an MRI in the future Thanks

Lezzers in reply to hf54

Hi ya, I'm no expert but my understanding is all the newer type of devices are MRI compatible. My husbands ICD was fitted in 2012 so quite old really. Something to ask your cardiologist about? I'm at Papworth on Weds, unless it gets cancelled!, I'll try to remember to ask the question. ☺

hf54 in reply to Lezzers

Thank you for the info yes that will be very helpful to know as I plan to live overseas at some point and I don’t really want anyone telling me we can’t do this because of this et cetera et cetera

I have pacemaker and have had an MRI. One of the heart techies came and disconnected it for the procedure and then re-connected it afterwards.

Should have had another one at Harefield during the lockdown but obvs that has been postponed!

Is yours a fairly newish device? I always assumed that when my husband has his battery changed that he would then be able to have MRI's but someone has told me it's the leads that are not compatible. Even if the leads are disconnected and are left dormant they would still stop him from having an MRI??

3yrs in April just gone. So presume it’s newish.

I don’t know if when the battery is changed if that will make any difference.

When I see the hygienist at my dental surgery she can’t use any electrical equipment except the brush thing that cleans the teeth. Anything has to be done manually. Wexham Park Hospital wouldn’t respond to any enquires from her or my dentist, so she phoned the manufacturer Boston Scientific who were quite vague.

I should have had a pacemaker checkup with one of the techies in April but it’s been delayed to August due to the lockdown. I see the Registrar or Consultant once a year and a techie the other time.

Not sure if this is of any help!


Thank you. My husband is supposed to be at an ICD check up on weds at Papworth. They did initially say its possible it may be cancelled but since then a few issues have occurred that the cardiologist wants them to investigate. We did ring a couple of weeks ago & they confirmed they had the additional paperwork & gave the ok for me to also attend. So at that point it was still gonna happen, will ring on Monday to confirm but would have hoped if it was gonna be cancelled they would have told us by now.

My app at Harefield was held over the phone - it was in April when I was feeling really well, so they’ve made the next one for April next year. Started feeling exhausted all the time a few wks ago, but I do find it is up and down.

Can’t really see how it compares with all the physical checks they normally do when I go, but we are where we are when in the middle of a pandemic.

Do you have a home monitor?

Me? No I don’t.

I just wondered if you were being monitored via a home monitor.

I was for 24hrs last year by Harefield, still waiting to do the MRI scan. Won’t be seeing them until next May though! But if they are not happy with anything I presume they will phone.

Hi there, I had an MRI scan before my CRTD was fitted and was told I could never have another MRI once I had my device.

The reason for my scan was to check re my heart view before I had the device, to ensure it was what was needed.

If you have already had the device fitted then I would suggest they had decided at that point that this is what you needed.

I was at 31EF when I had my device fitted and a year after my EF was then at 43EF which is amazing!!

I would say not to worry about the MRI just enjoy life with your device x

Had my MRI before the ICD/pacemaker and been told cannot have another for any reason. Plus, don't stand close to microwave or hold my mobile next to my left ear.

Hi I have just checked the patient ID card I was given ( paper format) and mine only says on there to contact prior to any surgery or MRI

Hi, my ejection fraction is currently on 35%. I have moderate heart failure and moderate dysfunction of the heart muscle (LVSD) and LBBB.I cannot tolerate tablets so on none. Recently had a holter machine just waiting on results. Can I ask how long you waited from January before you had your Crt- d fitted?

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