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I am from Philippines with lots of rice during meals.I was formally diagnosed with diabetes in 2017 after a transient eschemic attack,diagnosed with hypertension,high cholesterol and diabetes.Doctor treat me with metformin,losartan,clopidogrel,bisoprolol and atorvastatin with lots of sideeffects manifestations.Thats all for now!

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Hi Doogles and welcome :)

That's a nice clear introduction that covers most of the things people might need if you need advice in the future!

MichaelJHHeart Star

Hello and welcome to the forum! When was the last time you had your bloods checked and a medication review? I am a lifelong Type I diabetic and one area of particular importance is the maintenance of good HbA1c and BG (blood glucose) levels. Elevated levels can cause irritation to the artery walls often a precursor to plaque formation. There are indications that Vitamin C helps reduce irritation and with my cardiologist's OK I take 1000mg SR Vitamin C daily.

MichaelJHHeart Star

Hi! I was going to comment on your other two posts that you appear to have deleted. Would you like me to do so or...

Sorry for deleting my post.Someone advised me to delete ot immediately cause i forgot to erase my fullname on my post.Please give me some advise regarding my posts assuming you remember all of it.thanks

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in reply to doogles2270

Hello, no worries I did not even spot your name as I was looking at the figures.

Your BP and weight appear fine. If you are getting issues with your medication request a review. I have had issues with two CCIs (calcium channel inhibitors) and now take an ACE Inhibitor and a Beta Blocker. My statin has also been changed.

The confusion with your BGs is that you are using the US system (mg/dL) that was superceded by mmol/L in the UK decades ago. Overall your fasting ones are fairly good although a few are a bit higher than desirable. The ones that would be useful would be the levels two hours after meals. Do you have your your own BG meter. The HbA1c figure is important as well. Again the US and UK use different systems.

For background I am a lifelong Type I diabetic who had a quadruple bypass two years ago. I also spent a decade on the committee of a diabetic support group. Feel free to ask any questions that come to mind.

Had me confused this morning when looked to see if anyone had added more. Makes sense now!

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