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No energy and no appetite after bypass

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Hi I'm new on this website, having 3.5 weeks ago had a quadruple heart bypass!! (I'm a 58 year old lady), I still feel as if I have not much energy on some days, and little to no appetite, and my tummy feels sickly, anyone got any advice who's gone through the same procedure, thks so much, Suzanne

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Hello and welcome to the forum. I don't have first hand experience of CABG and sure someone with direct experience will respond. Just to get you started I have attached a couple of links.

I do know CABG like any other major op will be traumatic to your system including emotions, digestive to name but two. Apart from the op itself you have the lingering effects of anaesthetics and disruption to your eating pattern in the days in hosp after your op.

Try very small frequent snacks and meals of your favourite foods before deciding on your future healthy diet

Hi Nathan thanks so much for replying and will take ur advice. Stay well and healthy. Have a good weekend.

Hi I have had bypass surgery recently and your symptoms are pretty common. All I can suggest is that you follow all the instructions you were given by your cardio nurse and doctors. Building up your energy is a slow process and step by step you will feel the benefits. It is early days in your recovery and time can be a great healer. Be patient and try to stay active as much as you can. Your body will tell you your limits

HI there, thks so much for replying it has helped reassure me, I know what you're saying is exactly what I have read, and as you say I need to be patient. Stay well and safe, and have a lovely weekend

Hi, I had bypass surgery and aortic valve replaced, it’s very early days in your recovery, as the others have said you need to take it easy, appetite, remember you have had a large dose of anesthetiser and it can upset your system for a little while, try eating small portions more often, also depending on what drugs you are on can have a few side effects, as for feeling tired again it’s very early days, you have been though a major operation and you need to be kind to yourself, remember baby steps, building up your stamina will come but be gentle. When we get back to normal try and get to a cardio rehab class I found it invaluable not just for building my stamina but for my mental health, for meeting others who have had similar experiences as you, the odd ache and pain you feel talking to someone who as the same makes you feel tons better you think ok it must be normal! I am nearly 4 years down the road you are just starting on, my life is good, so take it easy and you will get there.

I wish you well stay safe Pauline

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haciendaplaya in reply to 080311

Hi Pauline thanks so much for the reassurance. Appreciate it. I This is a great way to get some support when ur going through it. Take care stay safe and have a nice weekend 😀

Hi Haciendaplaya

3.5 weeks ago you went to sleep. When you woke up your body found out you had had the burglars in. Breastbone sawed in half, blood shoved of into an external pump, lungs shoved off to one side, ribs clamped open, heart stopped and new pipes shoved in here, there and everywhere, after they nicked them from your legs or wherever.

It takes 6-8 weeks for your bones to initially knit together. You are very much in the take it easy, gentle exercise if you can, comfort food if you wish, snooze when you wish. I am not sure what the plan is for post op rehab courses at present but If they are on offer , they are usually at about ten weeks after the op.

I got elected to the zipper club 6 years ago. The first three months were hard, I lost about a stone in weight and I seemed to be making very slow progress, measuring my improvement in lamp posts and driveways. I got to know my neighbours and slowly gained strength and stamina.

I still walk but now it is about 10,000 steps a day, I go dancing with my wife, (before CV) and enjoy life. Take it gently, exercise when you can and rest when fell like it. It is early days yet, Hasta La Vista.

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Tillymint1971 in reply to Ianc2

Love your description of the op. Worth remembering!

I had a quadruple heart bypass 9 weeks ago. It’s true when they say it’s like being hit by a freight train. My husband was at home the week I came out of hospital and my Mum came to stay the following week and they looked after m. I did the stairs once or twice a day. Week 4 was the week when I had my wobble and a chest wound infection. I think I realised what I had been through. I had had less than a week to get my head around having the op. and felt unwell so was quite low. Weeks 5-9 have been one step forward two steps back. I have had to do Cardiac Rehab at home and keep over doing it resulting in nausea and serious pains or fluttering near my diaphragm. My digestive system hasn’t got back in gear and I'm taking all these pills so my husband keeps telling me not to be so hard on myself. I planned to start work again at 12 weeks but met with my accountant to work out a way to delay going back until 16 weeks. (I have my own Mgt Consultancy) so the moral of this story is SLOW AND STEADY. But I do feel a bit like I have been cut loose during the pandemic and have had so many questions and concerns which I wanted to ask but haven’t been able to. So keep posting...everyone here seems really open and helpful and I would suggest you ensure you do have someone, a GP or Cardiologist who can advice re:symptoms - that’s what I’m missing but I have managed to get an online appointment with my Cardiologist next week.

Thks for reassuring me that I am on the right track and great to see your progress too. Take care and stay safe 😀

It takes time. I had a 5 way bypass at 48 and was a marathon runner. Took me months to get over the surgery but each day sees progress. All the best.

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Thks for the reassurance just need to be patient I think 🤔

I agree with so much others have said, especially remembering all your body has gone through. I had aortic valve replacement and single CABG 8 months ago, at the age of 83, just had the next birthday! I am a widow, and live on my own, but had great support from family, and still do.

I did have a few complications, but got through them, now trying not too eat too much! I remember having absolutely no appetite, and I was on an antibiotic for a slight wound infection, and that made me feel so nauseous! However all these things pass, and do try not to worry, remember the tale of the hare and the tortoise.

Enjoy this beautiful weather, and be gentle with yourself 🙂

Will do and thanks doe the advice 😀

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